Four types of socks for your baby

Parents need to pay special attention to the footsteps of the cold work. So what are the four types ofbaby socksyour baby needs? Those who does not know the specific material and style of socks see now.

Non-slip socks.

The baby a day in the normal, they will learn from time to time to climb slowly, and the baby’s center of gravity is relatively unstable, so on the smooth floor is easy to fall, to wear non-slip socks.

Explanation: in the city, room of general family living room and children is given priority to with wooden floor. Adult puts on slipper, and the baby still cannot be effective “control” slipper, so best method is to do not let baby wear slipper, and put on the antiskid socks that suits with season directly can.

Give a small proposal here: have the family of darling, when decorating, please do not want as far as possible according to stone material floor, because stone material floor is very easy slippery and cause baby to tumble; And the baby easily catch cold. The home that already laid stone material or darling must be in area of hutch defend balcony activity, and remedial method is to put on a pair of soft bottom cloth overshoes to darling (notice cloth bottom is prevent slippery), but not be slipper.

Key note: non-slip socks are to wear socks, try not to wear in the shoes and wear soft shoes inside should also wear ordinary socks. Flooring and assembled foam pads help prevent skidding.

Thin cotton socks.

This is a kind of socks suitable for baby to wear in summer, and the general parents will buy nylon stockings for baby is the most wrong choice. Nylon stockings look thinner and actually cover the feet more. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color, and there is a darker block of the best not to choose, because the baby may sweat color block decolorization. The simpler the socks, the higher the safety factor.

Important note: it is strictly prohibited to choose socks (including such shoes and insoles) with antiperspirant and odor removing agents for your baby, and replace them with daily cleaning. Also do not use a variety of spray.

Pure cotton socks.

This style of socks was worn in spring and autumn season. The thickness of the socks is just right. It is suggested that parents should not buy socks sold on street stalls or in unreliable stores, which are often mixed with inferior cotton or a large amount of acrylic fiber. Please buy genuine products with 100% or 90% cotton texture.

Wool socks/cashmere socks.

What sock does baby in winter wear more appropriate? This style of woolen socks is a must. Some moms make a terrible mistake by wearing tights, especially high-stretch acrylic stockings. Because the baby’s socks texture should not choose acrylic, more should not be too tight.

So much for the four types of newborn socks your baby needs, and now it’s time for young parents to decide which cute baby socks to buy for their kids. When you arrive at the mall, you can immediately find the target. You don’t need to look at so many children’s socks like a headless fly, but you don’t know how to buy them.

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