Guide for Baby Clothing Match in Summer

  • For Girls
  • Cool outfit: doll collar shirt + cropped trousers

Doll collar shirts are the love of many mothers. They can be used as tops and short skirts. And the design is loose, not restrained, and it is easy to wear and remove. Baby girls in this beautiful little newborn daily dress are very cute!Cute Flower Style Girls Two Pieces Set

  • Princess outfit: cardigan + lace princess dress

The baby girl loves to wear skirts and the girl daily dress is a must for many mothers, and the baby can be dressed as a princess in an instant. Such a dress is best suited for the holiday season, making your baby a fairy in the flowers. If you are in an air-conditioned room, you can also add a cardigan to your baby to avoid catching colds.

  • For Boys
  • Cool outfit: sleeveless T-shirt + beach pants

In summer, the sleeveless T-shirt is cool and comfortable to wear, and it is most suitable for sweaty baby boys. With a pair of beach pants, the baby is full of energy.Cartoon Monkey Heart Print Button Sets

  • Men’s Wear: Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Plaid Harem Pants

Plaid harem pants are not only simple and refreshing, but it can protect baby when playing.

  • Handsome gentleman outfit: pure color T-shirt + straps cropped pants

Do you want to make the baby a handsome little gentleman, then might as well try 7-point trousers. With a solid color T-shirt, it seems very cool. The baby immediately turned into a little prince.Bowtie Decorated Turn-Down Collar Contrast Stripes Suspender Set

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