Handle children’s clothing collocation in autumn and winter?

Winter what is the most popular, my children in this winter how to match it? How do fashion kids wear their newborn clothes?

In the face of the late 2011 winter, a lot of children’s clothing brand is listed too early, it seems that cannot show the children in the winter and lively atmosphere, how to 2011 children’s clothing through delicate and not falling into the pattern of design tailoring, and mix and match different fabrics and models, create a perfect new fashion of children’s newborn clothes? Next children’s clothing to join the network to teach you a few tricks, teach you to dress up their baby more people like.

Tip 1: unique stripes

A new 2011 fashion striped hoodie — a popular parent-child hoodie. Novel style, exquisite workmanship and comfortable fabric.

2011 new hoodie + tube skirt + striped leggings —— —- a very popular girl’s suit, with fashionable and exquisite design style, fine workmanship, high-grade fabric and fashionable and sweet style.www.get-many.com

Tip 2: mix and match different fabrics and styles

Through delicate and unconventional design and tailoring, as well as mixing and matching different fabrics and styles, IKKS has created the perfect new fashion for children’s wear. For example, IKKS, a famous French children’s wear brand, recently released its autumn/winter 2011 children’s wear collection.

With a simple striped interior and bow, plus a plush shawl, the romance still has elements of rock and baroque. The simplicity makes the product extremely personalized.

Tip 3: study abroad children autumn and winter outfit is tie-in.

Butterfly headband, plus small check onesie dress, is very cute, but very popular, but do not know whether the baby will be cold in winter.

Tip 4: choose the right color.

Turquoise green: the color trend of 2010 is inspired by the turquoise green of the ocean. In autumn/winter 2011 and spring/summer 2012, it will develop towards the direction of water quality, which is more clear and suitable for men and women’s children’s wear. Songshi green can undertake collocation with white, blue, show the cool and refreshing feeling like the ocean.

Yellow: children’s clothing needs active color collocation active age, yellow department becomes a classic fashion collocation color. Yellow unfavorable and large area is used, can adorn in instinctive quality department and in bright color, highlight children light psychology and vogue spend.

Violet: in contrast to the gray-toned purple tones of the first half of the year, violet has shed its grey for the spring and summer of 2012 to look pure and soft. Women’s wear can be large, gorgeous purple, and men’s wear can choose to slant blue purple soft tone.

Reddish-brown: since children’s clothing is basically purchased by parents, parents’ preferences are naturally reflected in their children. Accordingly, in this season male, dress show on the field, reddish-brown becomes necessary tonal. Coloring schemes such as coffee, burnt brown and brown also feature in the comfort of children’s clothing.

Near white: ivory white, light khaki and cotton, hemp essence color and so close to the white color, looks appears gentle, lively, is one of the popular trends within the next year. At the same time, there is the extension of the light pink and so on.

More newborn baby clothes are waiting on the popreal. Hope your patronizing.

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