Prepare Newborn Clothes for Your Coming Baby

Dear Baby,

Hello~ I am your aunt! You will come to the world in two months, and I really want see you as soon as you arrive to hear your cries. At that time you must be waving your small fist, and you must cry so loudly that small nose and small eyes wrinkle together. But you don’t be afraid, Mom and Dad and I will be with you. What kind of newborn clothes do you want?

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Baby, when I wrote this letter to you, I just saw your four-dimensional photos. You sleep quietly with your eyes closed. The picture is still vague. The eyebrows haven’t stretched yet. Will you look like daddy or mother? Maybe you have a high nose like your father, and big eyes as your mother’s, will you looks like me? Do you want to wear matching family outfits with us.

Seeing you growing up in your mother’s belly day by day, I’m very excited. When your mother called me during the first fetal movement, there is a hidden joy in the voice. I could hear your healthy heartbeat. I really wanted to reach out and touch and say hello to you.

Dear baby, are you a boy or a girl? Everyone did not ask, but for us both boys and girls are a miracle. Your arrival has given us too much hope and joy. Don’t worry, I will try my best to protect you. And I will buy you lot of newborn clothes sets.

If you were a boy, would you look very much like uncle? Will you grow tall and strong like him? Do you like to follow daddy to run or want to follow him to play football?     No matter how dirty you make your newborn clothes, I will not let your mother or grandmother punish you. Boys should be naughty.Gentleman Style Bowtie Plaid Boys Two Pieces Set

In fact, I hope that you are a beautiful girl, so that I will buy a lot of beautiful clothes and cute newborn dresses you like a princess. Will you read many poems like your mother and grow up to be a teacher? Would you like to be quiet and do hand-made like me? Or will you be naughty like a boy beating?

Dear baby, I am full of joy waiting for your arrival. I want to accompany you day by day, and watch you learn to speak with your teeth, learn how to walk, maybe be spoiled, may be naughty, or you may cry, but it doesn’t matter, we must be very patient.

Dear baby, whether you are a boy or a girl, I am hoping that you can grow up happily. Like all children, you are free and carefree. Dear baby, there are many people scrambling to love you, but I will still ask you very seriously and I hope you can make excellent progress.

Dear baby, the world is so big, but you have occupied many of our minds. We are waiting for you with joy and expectation every day. Grandmother has already prepared a lot of small cotton-padded diapers for you, and I prepared small-size baby hats and cute baby shoes  and even children’s backpacks for you. Baby, would you like it?Tie Decorated Doll Collar Sleeveless Dress


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