How do expectant mothers shop for underwear?

Bra selection.

Breast changes.

When being pregnant, pregnant mothers feel breast ache and are also very sensitive at the same time because the breast becomes very big.

After five months of pregnancy, women’s intimates size is typically one size larger than it was before the pregnancy. After seven months of pregnancy, it’s about two sizes larger and the distance between the nipples keeps growing.

The rate at which the breasts get bigger slows down before they are ready to give birth. After giving birth 2 to3 days, milk begins to secrete, mammary gland expands further in order to be ready to secrete milk and become bigger. In the first month after giving birth, the breasts almost become the size of a pregnancy at seven months.

Choose tips.

  1. Choose a bra.

Duringpregnancy, the breasts begin to grow from the lower part. Therefore, it isbetter to buy some bras specially designed for pregnant women. The special brafor pregnant women is made of cotton material with soft skin touch. Cups andshoulder straps have been specially designed, which is very good for breasts.

2. Change the size at any time.

From pregnancy to birth, the breasts will almost become twice as big as before. Expectant mothers should change different bra sizes according to the changes of their breasts. They should never avoid changing them in order to save money.

Bras that are too small and too tight can have an impact on breast development and can rub against the skin to get fibers into the milk ducts, which can easily lead to postpartum milk loss. On the contrary, if the bra is too large, it is unwise.

Bras of the right size don’t feel oppressive or empty when wearing.

3. Soft steel bracket is selected.

When being pregnant, the weight of the breast increases and next surround increases. The brassiere that has soft steel to hold up is more appropriate, if do not have support, the breast restore very hard later day by day.

4. Keep the straps as wide as possible.

Bra straps should be wider to make them more comfortable. Buckle belt is able to adjust. The front button bra is easy to wear and lactation after birth.

Recommended type –Nursing bra.

The bra has a movable flap strap that can be turned down at the front of the cup for easy feeding. Breast-feeding bra can be used not only during breast-feeding, but also after pregnancy.

Leisure bra.

These bras have no steel braces and are designed to hold the breasts in place, making them feel very comfortable. Soft cotton is comfortable to wear. No hooks on your back, so you don’t feel uncomfortable even when you’re asleep.

Underwear selection.

Abdomen changes.

Because fetal growth and the protective adipose layer that surround a uterus are thickened, increased abdominal cavity volume, so in whole pregnant process, the abdomen of expectant mother can increase a bit. The enlarged abdomen puts a strain on the spine and lower limbs, which can leave expectant mothers with back pain and swollen ankles. Soon after giving birth, the uterus returns to the size it was at seven months pregnant, but fluid fat remains underneath.

Choosing tips.

  1. Choose earmarks as early as possible.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s abdomen may look the same as it did before the pregnancy, but the abdomen is still enlarged. So after being pregnant, it had better be to buy pregnant woman special underwear. Most maternity underwear is designed with movable belt, which can be adjusted at any time and is very convenient.

  • Pure cotton material guarantees health.

Pregnant woman’s vagina secretion increases in number, because they must buy breathable underwear, whose water absorption is strong reach the pure cotton qualitative underwear with downy tactility.

  • High waist design can keep warm.

Maternityunderwear is often lengthened, which can wrap the whole abdomen, aligned withthe mother has a great protective effect.

Recommended picks –Colored cotton underwear.

Natural cotton maternity women lingerie with 100% natural and 100% without dyeing absolute safety is welcomed by everyone. Adjustable pants set underwear and pants belt at a suit, convenient and practical, at the same time will not let the abdominal pressure.

Belly bands selection.

Abdomen changes.

At 8 to 10 months of pregnancy, the abdominal wall dilates and pregnancy glands appear, especially at 10 months, the enlarged uterus will lean forward to make the abdomen more prominent. Therefore, at this stage, expectant mothers should use women sleepwear or belly bands to protect the front abdomen.

Choosing tips.

1. Strong scalability.

The flexibility that holds abdominal belt had better be a few stronger can hold up the abdomen that increases slightly from inferior abdomen which let uterine do not sag and protect fetal position.

2. Size adjustment.

Buy those who can adjust on their own, convenient to remove and wear, breathable belt.

Recommended picks –Covered type underpants.

It can protect the mother’s abdomen, trousers waist covering above the navel, at the same time the width can be adjusted. Mother can be used throughout the pregnancy.

Maternity physiological support pants.

Comfortable flexible cotton with high elasticity, which is not tight but convenient for prenatal examination and puerperal, physiological period are maternity physiological support pants.

Tip: how to wash belly bands.

Soak 10 minutes or so with lukewarm water first, and wash with scour next. It must be washed repeatedly with clear water when passing water two or three times and take sunshine next insolate.

It is important to measure body type correctly.

Expectant mothers should know their own size before buying underwear.

Upper breast size: the highest point at which the breasts bulge.

Lower breast size: close to the lower edge of the breast bump.

Waist size: thethinnest part of the upper body.


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