How does pregnant woman choose and buy hold abdomen pants?

When a woman’s lower abdomen begins to swell after four months of pregnancy, the mother prepares maternity bottoms. When choosing pregnant woman outfit, they must be wide and comfortable, breathable and convenient. Prevent heat to keep warm is a principle so as not to hinder the development of fetal. Combining the occasion that wears and mom herself, whole cotton qualitative pregnant woman outfit at the same time while paying attention to practical, it can give attention to both sides lactation.

Due to the fast pace of life and high pressure of work, people prefer to wear casual clothes after work. Of course, it is also for the health of the baby. Generally speaking, casual maternity is more common. Of course, for their own health, pregnant women must buy good quality maternity to wear.

How should pregnant women choose corset? They should choose ones which are easy to remove. With the increasing of abdomen, it is not comfortable. When moms do the catharsis, please first soak for 10 minutes with warm water. No matter what kind of detergent is used, rinse is a program which cannot be careless and must wash it two or three times until the water becomes clear. Put it in sunshine bask in after washing, which have disinfection effect.

Pregnant woman’s abdomen pants are comfortable to the pregnant mother’s body with high cost performance and fashion, both before and after the false double pocket decoration. Its fabrics feel soft, no smell, good scalability and high elasticity. It is comfortable, super warm, adjustable, washable and no fading, no deformation, no wrinkle. Its key parts are reinforced for the entire pregnancy and postpartum period of time. It is made of 90% bamboo fiber and10% polyester.

If the usual thin pregnant mother, it may be appropriate after 20 weeks to wear and the specific size can refer to the specification.

Note: in order not to affect fetal development, abdominal band should not be wrapped too tight and sleep at night should be loosened. Slightly tilted from the lower abdomen to support the increased abdominal so as to prevent uterine ptosis and protect the position of the fetus and reduce the pressure of the waist. The key point of abdomen belt of support should be ones which are able to adjust along with abdomen increase and are convenient with strong permeability.

Conclusion: pregnant women in the choice of abdominal belt should be considered that it will not affect the development of the fetus. Support abdomen belt must be convenient to wear and tear off, and during pregnancy the female body has some changes, such as sweat glands secretion speeding up. Pregnant women clothes must be comfortable and can absorb sweat. Try to choose full cotton pregnant plus size maternity bottoms and then match with support abdomen belt, so that pregnant women can feel comfortable.

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