How much do pregnant women know about underwear?

For a woman, underwearis a necessity. When buying women’s intimates,they not only consider its fabrics, but also appearance. And pregnant mammy isstrict to the requirement of underwear. But guys, what do you know aboutunderwear? Let’s take a look.

Life span of underwear.

Food has a shelf life, so everything has his service life and women’s underwear is no exception. Under ordinary circumstances, we are found our broken underwear will be thrown away. But for the underwear that should wear every day, wearing half a year should be able to change almost.

If discover underwear is out of shape or harden, or there is the stain mark that a few cannot wash on underwear, it had better change a new.

The choice of underwear.

The underwear style of the woman is so many. But when buying, we do not value the novelty of the style only and ignore its material. Underwear had better be breathable with water absorption.

If female pudendal ministry is being suffocated all the time and be damp condition for a long time, it can cause the breeding of bacterium probably and cause all sorts of disease of gynaecology.

The dangers of dirty underwear.

If women do notpay attention to the underwear cleaning and replacement work, there will be alot of things left on the underwear and the dirt is actually filled with avariety of viruses. The vaginal orifice of the female and urethral orifice canbe full of bacterium, which can cause the infection of urinary system andreproductive system.

Change frequency of underwear.

Underwear’s function is mainly to protect our reproductive organs, but because of the need to excrete, there are a lot of bacteria on the underwear residual. In order to reduce the breeding of bacteria, it is often necessary to wash underwear, in principle, a day for a change, especially in the summer. If the circumstances are special, it should wear up to 3 days.

Underpants cleaning.

Because there will be dirt in underwear, so underwear had better be washed alone. Usually they use soap to clean and had better wash by hand. Do not put below sunshine to bask in immediately. It should be in first shady and cool place after air drying, and then reoccupy bask in, or it can let knickers be out of shape otherwise, leading to service life became short.

Storage of underwear.

Underwear should be placed in a separate place such as storage box or plastic bag, try not to let underwear contact with dust or bacteria.

Neverunderestimate the impact of women’s intimates on our health. In fact, manygynecological diseases are caused by women lingeriehealth problems, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

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