How should moms dress the baby in winter? (1)

Winter is coming, parents should pay attention to the weather changes, at any time for the baby to add newborn baby clothes, especially pay attention to the cold when warm. But as the saying goes, “spring cover autumn freeze,” so, clothes to gradually add, do not add too early, to the baby a period of time gradually adapt to the cold. As the temperature decreases, the mother is afraid of the baby catch cold, will give the baby to prepare all kinds of cold clothes, put on more and more newborn baby clothes for the baby. Whether there is a heater in the north or a warm air conditioner in the south, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room will be particularly large. The baby should pay more attention to the appropriate protection, timely wear and take off clothes, pay attention to keep warm.

Wear close-fitting cotton underwear.

Winter, the underwear of the baby must choose pure cotton fabrics. Soft undergarments not only absorb sweat, but also trap air around the skin, prevent body heat from escaping, and play a better role in keeping the baby warm. When the baby sleeps, had better put on the upper body pajamas to him, thus even if the baby kicked off the quilt, also can maintain the temperature, the belly will not catch cold. Attention: do not give the baby to wear chemical fiber clothes, chemical fiber easy to produce static electricity, will irritate the baby’s skin, aggravating dry and uncomfortable feeling.

Don’t wear sweaters close to your body.

The baby’s skin is soft and delicate, which can easily cause skin allergy. Therefore, the sweater should not directly contact the baby’s skin, so as not to cause itching and hives. It is also important to choose the texture of wool. There is special wool for babies in the market, which is thinner, softer and better for babies. Also be careful not to choose mohair, rabbit hair wool yarn, because they are easy to depilate, such as the baby inhaled into the lungs and trachea can cause disease.

Wear a loose, warm coat.

When going out in winter, cover your baby with a loose and warm coat, such as cotton winter coat and down jacket, so that your baby can move flexibly and conveniently. The outer fabric should be soft, the material should have good insulation performance, mainly depends on the proportion of the filler. The best thermal performance is down, feather followed by cotton, chemical fiber materials although light but the worst thermal performance.

Note: some babies are allergic to fillers, which may lead to rash and asthma. You should carefully observe your baby’s reaction after putting on the clothes and deal with it in time.

At the age of one, the baby’s body is still poor at keeping warm. 25% of the heat comes from the head. The thickness of the cap can be increased with the decrease of temperature. Caution: children with milk moss (eczema) or allergies should not wear wool caps to avoid skin irritation and dermatitis.

Don’t use a scarf to protect your mouth.

Babies 6 months old and sickly can wear masks when they go out to avoid getting germs. However, wearing a mask will reduce the adaptability of the baby’s respiratory tract to air conditioning and resistance to colds, bronchitis, etc. When going out, use a scarf to protect your baby’s neck, but do not protect your mouth. Thick scarf blocked the baby’s mouth and nose for a long time, affecting the baby’s normal breathing, the baby is also easy to breathe the dust in the scarf, germs and fibers into the trachea and lungs, easy to cause asthma and other allergic diseases.

Keep socks dry.

Damp socks will make the bottom of the baby’s feet cool, a lot of water squeeze the air in the fiber, not to play a role in warm; The baby wears the damp sock for a long time easily causes the resistance to drop and suffers from the cold; Therefore, every day should be changed to the baby clean, dry socks. In winter, mother had better choose socks of pure cotton and pure wool texture for the baby, have the effect of maintaining and keeping warm to foot skin.

How babies dress for winter outings?

Cold winter comes, a lot of mother are afraid of frosty darling, when taking darling to go out activity, always give put on many and thick clothes, whole body fluctuation also keep out get strict and solid, but some darling suffer from cold repeatedly however and fall ill, mom does not get its solution for this, how does ability let darling bear cold force to increase?

One: must put on the underwear for the baby.

Some mothers think that their baby will sweat a lot if he keeps moving. If the sweat makes his underwear wet, it is better not to wear it. As long as you put on thick clothes outside, you can keep warm. However, the soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, thus blocking the body heat loss, not easy to make the baby catch cold and get sick; And the baby that does not wear close – fitting underwear loses much as a result of body surface quantity of heat, the body feels always cold and cool, especially lower body, no wonder easy cold.

Two: dress to right amount, don’t wear too much and keep sweating.

If wear too much, baby once activity will sweat more than, so will make the skin vascular dilation, skin blood flow increases, so heat dissipation increases. Performance for the baby a lot of sweat, cute baby clothes are soaked by sweat, but this cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to the change in external temperature and disease resistance. Because the baby within 6 months due to the body surface area is relatively large heat dissipation, but the body heat production capacity is insufficient, so go out cold or should pay attention to more clothing. Judge how much the baby is dressed is appropriate, but often touch his small hands and feet, as long as it is not cold that their bodies are warm.

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