How should moms dress the baby in winter? (2)

Three: give the baby light and small cotton clothing.

It keeps the wind out, which is better than wearing newborn clothes to keep out the cold.

Because of inner layer and outer layer of newborn clothes between the bulk of cotton, it can absorb a lot of air, the skin temperature distribution of heat through the first layer of cotton-padded jacket, and then into the middle of the cotton, absorbed by the multi-layer air and retain the skin around, and cotton-padded jacket outer layer is not easy to let the cold air invasion, it has good heat preservation effect. And thick coat does not have more absorption to accommodate the space of warm air, wind is still ok, but keeping warm is much worse.

Four: flannelette pants don’t fit inside out.

Flannelette pants are usually made of lint knitted fabric. Instead, they are soft, fluffy and warm. Some mothers wear them backwards for their babies. However, if worn on the reverse side, the fluff will soon become due to sweat and sebum, become bond, hair hard, if the washing and rub hard, will make this situation more aggravated, and the role of heat preservation and therefore weakened. Please remember that. Apply both hands to remove redundant moisture gently when washing, wool faces outside air to bask in, after basking in, knead gently with the hand, can make wool face maintains fleeciness soft state, must not be kneaded forcibly.

Five: to choose baby’s sweater and buy children’s special wool yarn.

Because baby’s skin is soft, small irritation can also cause skin irritation, so wool texture is the most important factor to consider when buying. At present, there is wool specially produced for babies on the market. The wool contained in it is different from the wool in ordinary wool. It is very small, soft and warm. Mothers should also be careful not to choose mohair yarn, because it is easy to depilate, inhalation into the baby’s trachea and lungs can cause disease.

Six: keep your baby’s socks dry.

If socks are too wet, a lot of water will squeeze out the air in socks fiber, and air is an excellent insulation, than water 20 times higher, so socks when wet will make the bottom of the baby’s feet cool, reflex cause respiratory resistance to drop and easy to catch a cold. Mother should come down from the baby to wear socks, in the winter should choose pure wool or cotton quality of a material, and the foot skin has the socks of conservation effect.

Seven: shoes with warm fabrics and the right size.

If a shoe is too big, it creates a large gap between the foot and the shoe, which causes a lot of heat loss. On the other hand, shoes are too small, because there is not much space between the foot and the shoe, the shoe and socks will be cotton wool, fiber nap extrusion solid, thus affecting the storage of still air inside the shoe and not very good insulation. What to do: the shoes are slightly looser and cotton. Very soft, in this way, the shoes will hold more still air and have good warmth.

Eight: put a hat on baby’s head.

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