How to bathe a newborn baby? You should know the following 10 points

For the novice parents, most of them don’t dare to bathe the newborn baby. Not only does the baby feel too soft, but the baby’s umbilical cord has not completely fallen off, and it is worried that the umbilical cord will cause infection. In terms of the correct process, and taking into account the matters needing attention, there is no problem at all.Red Stripes Christmas Long-Sleeve Top And Pants Set Family Matching Pajamas

What preparations do you need to give your newborn baby a bath?

Let Popreal talk about the preparations for the newborn baby before bathing, that is, what preparations are needed, including the bathing environment, preparation of the items, and parent preparation.

Environmental preparation: Close the doors and windows to prevent the formation of convective wind. Keep the room temperature at 24-26 °C, and put some soft or cheerful music.

Item preparation: clean wash clothes, diapers, cotton swabs, 75% alcohol, shower gel, water temperature gauge, bath tub, large bath towel, small towel, body lotion, etc.

Parent preparation: Cut short nails, remove the accessories, and wash your hands to ensure that your hands are not too cold. Letters Pattern Watermelon Prints Family Pajamas

Two methods for newborn bathing:

  1. Hold the baby: wash his face, wash his hair, then wash his body and limbs, and then wash his little ass. When washing hair and washing face, your baby’s head should move forward. Mom and Dad support the baby’s shoulder with the left forearm, the left arm grips the child’s buttocks, the left hand holds the baby’s head, and the thumb and middle finger move forward from behind the baby. The ear is blocked to prevent water ingress. Wash your baby’s face with your right hand, then wash hair, then dry head. Then start washing the body, limbs and ass. Pay attention to the special wash of the elbow, armpit, neck, thigh root.
  2. Put the baby in basin bath: soak the gauze in the tub, wring out and wipe the face, then take off the clothes, use the replaced diapers or clothes to wipe the butt; clean the baby’s body with a towel, hold the baby’s head with elbows, hold the feet with the other hand, put it into the basin, put the butt into the water, half sitting in the bathtub, don’t let the umbilical cord touch the water.

10 precautions for taking care of newborn baby bath

  1. Maintain a suitable room temperature and water temperature during bathing, and be sure that the environment is comfortable.
  2. Before bathing the baby, check the whole body condition of the newborn baby, check whether the skin is abnormal;
  3. After breastfeeding you should not immediately give the baby a bath, the timing of bathing should choose about 1 hour after feeding;

4, When bathing the baby, the face can be washed with water without soap, bath, etc.;

  1. If you bathe your baby every day, it is not recommended to use shower gel every time, and the shower gel should be poured into the hands of adults first, not directly on the newborn skin;

6, Body lotion can be used according to the baby’s skin condition, season, region and environment temperature and humidity, such as use, immediately after the shower, smear, complete the emollient process within 5 minutes.

7, newborn baby after the birth of the next day, vital signs can be bathed, once a day or every other day;

8, in the process of bathing the baby, the action should be gentle, to ensure safety;

  1. During the bathing process, you can put some soft music or nursery rhymes, and more exchanges with your baby’s eyes and language;

10, the whole process of bathing is best done less than 10 minutes, and you should pay attention to keep your baby warm, to avoid cold.

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