How to buy proper socks for the baby?

For the baby, newborn socks are a “coat” to protect his little feet. Although baby socks are a small item, it is not easy for the baby to choose the most suitable one.Thickened Plush Cartoon Socks

Some parents think that socks limit the baby’s feet when he is young, so they don’t have to wear socks. However, this idea is not correct. For the children who cannot walk, shoes can be avoided. But newborn baby socks are indispensable.

Temperature regulation function of the baby has not fully developed. Although the ability of heat generation is still relatively poor, the ability of heat dissipation is very excellent. So when the temperature is relatively low, the baby’s little feet will be cooler, which may cause the baby having loose bowels. So putting socks on a baby can help keep them warm.

And the child is more active and very easy to grind the skin on the foot because of moving around. But cute baby socks also can have certain protective effect. It also protects against mosquito bites and isolates harmful substances in the air. Contrast Rose Embellished Socks

So how to choose baby socks?

First of all, parents cannot buy newborn baby socks because they are cheap. The sock belonging to these places has very poor quality, which is made of inferior cotton or poly-acrylic fiber.

Secondly, the selection of socks for the baby is very important. Parents cannot buy some nylon socks and so on, because such socks have very poor air permeability. For the baby, the socks must be quality cotton fabrics.

Thirdly, when buying socks for the baby, moms should choose those socks with relatively simple color and cannot buy some bright-colored ones. They may be processed with chemical composition to dye and become and such composition is adverse to the baby’s health.

Fourthly, socks should be the same as shoes in the right size. Socks that are too big will not put off easily, while socks that are too small will make babies feel uncomfortable.

Fifthly, when parents choose socks, they have to pay attention to workmanship. It cannot have string in case it will hurt the baby’s toes.

Sixthly, to choose different socks for the baby according to the different season is important. Thin cotton socks for summer, and thick socks for winter.

Seventhly, baby socks also need to change in time, and must change every day to keep them clean. Cute Cartoon Eyes Socks

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