How to choose and maintain the swimsuit of babies in summer?

The arrival of the hot summer is coming slowly, and a lot of parents in order to alleviate the hot of themselves and their children go to the beach or the seaside to play. How to choose appropriate toddler swimwear at this time has become a big problem.

  1. Fit is everything.

Unlike the adult swimsuit, the fit of the baby swimsuit is the most important and too tight or too loose is not conducive to the baby’s free movement in the water. Therefore, the choice of time to swim for many times to stretch and to determine the elasticity of the fabric is important. If I repeated it several times, it still can return to the original appearance and the resilience is very good, at the same time if the feeling is good, then it can be said that the basic is a very good swimming suit.

2. Choose good materials.

When adult is choosing swimsuit for oneself, they can care about material quality very much because skin is delicate. Waiting for a lot of reasons, mom must choose good material to pledge when buying to the baby. At present, the baby’s swimsuit material on the market is mainly made of spandex and the international standard of spandex is about 18%. But those swimsuits that sell on the beach commonly are qualitative poorer, but the price is very expensive however, and the skin that still may cause harm to the baby. So, clever mom must choose the swimsuit of good material to the baby. If there is no indication of the fabric on the swimsuit, then whether it is a clothing market or a large supermarket, mom should try not to buy such swimsuits for children.

3. Simple style.

Some swimsuits for women will have simple but natural hemlines, while some swimsuits for men will be simply decorated as batman, both of which are acceptable. If the baby’s swimsuit style is too complex, the ornaments will become a baby in the water, affecting the baby’s movement. So, design should be chosen as far as possible simple, but the choice of design is not controlled. However, mom can choose what the baby likes as far as possible, for example cartoon and so on.

After choosing a good swimsuit, the essential is the process of maintenance:

1. When the chlorine is contained in the swimming pool, it will damage the suit material. That’s why we wet them with water before swimming. Also moms take care to avoid sunscreen and cosmetics that may harm the fabric. Friction on rough surfaces should also be avoided before and after swimming and during preservation.,

2. When cleaning, it should be as soon as possible after the end of swimming with water to rinse; Wash slowly and gently with your hands, and avoid washing powders or bleaches that may damage the fabric.

3. After washing the swimsuit to be placed in a ventilated and cool place, keep the natural air dry and do not use a hair dryer or dryer, because they will easily make clothing deformation and injury.

Finally, parents need to pay attention to that whether it is the baby or their own toddler swimsuits are not available to rent the way, they must have to bring their own. Also do not lend baby swimsuit to others at will. Otherwise it is easy to catch some diseases.


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