How to Choose and Protect Anti-radiation Maternity Clothes

According to a recent research, the choice of pregnancy health care has a great impact on key indicators such as dystocia and related risk factors such as fetus, maternal body mass, radiation, exercise, diet, psychological status and blood sugar level. Electromagnetic radiation is one of the four major pollution at present. Maternal women must pay great attention during pregnancy. Anti-radiation cheap mom-to-be clothes are much too necessary. Cowl Neck Tassels Pullover

What kind of anti-radiation maternity dress is good?

From all the research and test results, anti-radiation maternity dress is effective for maternal health care and radiation protection. So, which is better?

Experts say that as a functional clothing, radiation protection has always been the most important clothes for expectant mothers, and material is the key factor. At present, there are three kinds of materials for radiation protection suits: coated fiber, metal fiber, and silver fiber.

Experts say that from the shielding effect of radiation-proof maternity clothes, 100% silver fiber has the best shielding effect, followed by metal fiber, and the coating type is last. Therefore, consumers can give priority to silver fiber materials when purchasing anti-radiation maternity clothes . Casual Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Pullover

How to protect anti-radiation maternity clothes?

Although silver fiber anti-radiation maternity clothes can achieve the best radiation effect, silver fiber also has its own weaknesses. Silver fiber anti-radiation maternity clothes have high requirements for nursing. Pay attention to the following points during daily use.

1, anti-radiation maternity clothes should not be washed frequently, about once every three months. If you are worried that the anti-radiation maternity dress will get stains, you can wear the outer jacket of the anti-radiation maternity dress; if you are worried about sweat, you can wear a bottoming shirt in the radiation suit. In short, try to reduce cleanings.

2, anti-radiation maternity dress is made of special materials, so you can not use tap water when cleaning, but use pure water or cold water. Chloride ions in tap water can cause damage to silver fiber.

3, machine washing is prohibited, so you only hand washing. Professionals revealed that when cleaning plus size mon-to-be clothes, the water temperature should not be too high, keep it at about 40 degrees. When cleaning, try to reduce the friction between the anti-radiation maternity fabrics and prevent the metal mesh from breaking.Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress

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