How to choose appropriate sandals for your baby?

When it comes to newborn baby shoes in children’s shops, are mothers struggling to find the right pair for their babies? Summer is a season for the baby to play freely. Choose a pair of appropriate sandals for the baby to run in the green garden. But it’s true that some moms make the mistake of choosing sandals for their babies, or of choosing sandals for their babies that are adult-like. Next, we will discuss how to choose sandals for the baby. Christmas Santa Claus Slip-Ons

  1. Open toe sandals increase the likelihood of injury.

Children’s movements are currently not flexible and coordinated enough, and their visual abilities are often inadequate. But the child of this age is often active, even not being quiet for a moment, and always like to jump. Wearing sandals with bare toes can increase the likelihood of foot injuries by tripping while walking. For example, when playing games, children feel that they can jump over rocks or other obstacles with their own ability. However, due to a number of reasons such as lack of estimation, babies often do not jump over, but will hit their feet heavily on obstacles, which can lead to serious injuries, and even lift their toenails or broken toes. Or when children lift heavy objects because they can’t hold them or are too slippery. Heavy objects fall often on the toes, which can also cause toenails to fall off and even break. So when parents buy sandals for their children, it’s best for them to choose a style that has a wrap top.

  1. The sole which is too soft or too hard are not acceptable.

For children, especially those who just learn to walk, these two aspects need careful attention. The heel should be appropriate. Because the child loves to run and jump, parents should make sure that when the child runs and jumps, the shoelace of the heel can hang and the child’s foot will not slip out. Don’t buy kids cool slippers with no shoelaces. The sole should not be too hard. Parents can fold the sole to see if it is soft. It is still not good to see if the center of sole is easy to bend, and moms still need to see if the sole (the place of toe) is easier to bend. Be careful not to choose sandals which have soft, thin sole.Velcro Cartoon Cat Pattern Shoes

  • Don’t buy crocs for children under the age of 5.

The latest popular “crocs” are soft and easy to put on and off, but they are not suitable for children under 5 years of age. Since last year, there have been incidents of children wearing crocs and having their toes cut by elevators in the United States, on average four or five times a week in the summer. Japanese government has also warned consumers that children who wear crocs are more likely to get hurt in an elevator. “Crocs is too soft and prone to deformation and falling off the feet that children are easily caught in their ‘teeth’,” says American elevator expert Larry Lacks. Children under 5 are advised to avoid wearing crocs when they are in an elevator or go to an amusement park.

Good children shoes are like an umbrella, protecting the baby’s little feet from dangers. So, when adults choose baby shoes, they must consider a lot of things. The points above can provide some references for parents when choosing shoes for their children. I hope every parent can find comfortable shoes for their children and help them grow up healthily. They should not let themselves lazy and let the child suffer. Velcro Bowknot Decorated Shoes

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