How to choose baby’s clothes in summer

In midsummer, what kind of newborn clothes should parents choose to protect the baby’s delicate skin? Parenting experts point out that choosing newborn baby clothes is not just about the fabric, the color, or even the smell. Sometimes it is an important criterion. So let’s see.

1. The current general advice is to buy white or close to the color of skin light color clothes is the best.

This is because many brightly colored clothes are added with more dyeing materials, and lead content is relatively high. If long-term close-fitting wear, lead will be absorbed by the skin, which is easy to cause lead poisoning baby. Lead poisoning can affect a baby’s stomach and intestines, as well as tooth development, causing abdominal pain and even mental development.

2. Watch out for formaldehyde on clothes.

Generally speaking, clothes contain formaldehyde, which is mainly used as an auxiliary for textile printing and dyeing. The baby’s antibacterial ability is relatively poor, and is very likely to wipe sweat with clothes, or put clothes into the mouth to bite. This causes the fabric to come into direct contact with the child’s skin, eyes and even mouth. If the baby wore excessive formaldehyde clothing, it will cause skin allergies, itching and swelling; Serious can appear even successive cough, cause the disease such as tracheitis subsequently.

3. Wash before wearing.

Parents buy clothes and you can smell the way to identify the formaldehyde content. The children’s outfit that also should choose small design as far as possible, the printing on design also cannot too hard, also want to avoid buying the children’s outfit that bleached as far as possible. Because formaldehyde is a substance that can be dissolved in water, so whether it is in a small store, or in a large shopping mall, or even in a store to buy a brand of children’s clothing, they should be washed after the baby to wear, or to try to reduce the content of formaldehyde.

4. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing.

Baby’s skin is very delicate, and their skin used to resist the development of ultraviolet black cells is not so mature, so it is best not to let the baby wear too exposed clothes for a long time in the sun. If children wear too revealing clothes for a long time when they go out, their skin will easily become red, swollen and rough, and even skin diseases such as hypersensitivity to light.

5. Cotton clothes are the best.

Cotton clothes are not only soft, but also breathable, and can absorb the sweat of the body, cleaning is also very convenient. So, the bellyband with cotton cloth, short underwear, and cotton pants is most appropriate.

6. Other matters needing attention.

In addition to the choice of cotton clothing, at the same time in the purchase of clothing should pay special attention to the suture not too hard, otherwise it will be easy to rub the baby’s delicate skin, let the baby feel uncomfortable; As the baby is in the long body stage, so try to choose more loose clothes, so you can let the baby free movement of hands and feet; If there is a zipper and button clothes, pay attention to whether the zipper is smooth, button is firm, so as not to accidentally pull the baby’s mouth, causing danger; The style of clothes should be as simple as possible, easy to wear and take off, so as to avoid taking off and putting on clothes, because the time is too long and the baby caught cold.

In the summer, but not because of too cool, and reduce newborn baby clothes or simply do not wear cute baby clothes, those practices are adverse to the baby’s skin. Some uncertain places, or the baby’s body is relatively weak, can properly follow the doctor’s advice.

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