How to choose children’s clothes?

Hot mom in the new century not just will look glamorous, they also can’t ignore their baby’s elegant demeanor. Letting the baby to wear lovely and not breaking the atmosphere is a lot of new mothers are tireless to pursuit, but parenting experts also remind each young mummy that before choosing cute baby clothes, parents should fully understand the physiological characteristics of the baby and let the baby to wear comfortable and beautiful newborn baby clothes .

Above all, the child’s dress had better be chosen pure cotton quality of a material, because pure cotton absorbs water well and soft, which can caress darling’s delicate skin and protect them from cold. In addition, children love sports and are easy to sweat. Wearing cotton clothes is easy to absorb sweat and reduce the discomfort of baby sweat clothes.

The growth speed of the baby within a year is fast, about 15 cm long after the age of 2 years old each year on average 5 cm long. So moms buy clothes for the baby, especially the coat, it had better be a big size, which not only can not bind the child’s body development, but also can wear for a period of time. Additionally, the bosom abdomen of newborn baby is more outstanding and the dress does not contain the design of chatelaine as far as possible.

Baby clothes should be chosen light color to avoid interference with the baby’s psychological development, and you can choose the cartoon image of the clothes, which can not only cause the baby’s interest, but also can let the baby more lovely and innocent.

Young mothers should pay more attention to details when choosing their children’s clothes. Their children’s clothes should be simple and easy to take off and wash. They should not take accessories, pins, buttons and other accessories with their clothes to avoid accidental skin damage.

Baby’s neck is short, so their clothes should not be high collar design, although the fashion is popular, but for the baby they can suffer. Children’s clothes should be simple, loose, and easy to take off. The sleeves and bottom of the trousers should be wide to give the limbs room to move.

In different month, children have different dress tips. Like the baby four to six months, they had better choose those baggy overalls clothing, the baby will not interfere with the action. 7-9 months baby has started to learn to walk, with the scope of activities increased, the wearing loose clothing is the best choice, which is not easy to dirty white and easy to get dirty.

Summary: the principle of newborn baby clothes collocation is comfortable. On this basis, every child is an angel and they are pure and lovely, like the newborn sun has a dazzling light as long as the dress is clean and tidy and it has been very attractive.

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