How to choose clothes according to the color?

The choice of the color of the clothes is not determined by the individual’s preferences, but also with other factors, such as environment, clothing style, face, hair style, etc. So how to choose the color of the clothes? Popreal will tell you all the techniques in choosing color.Giraffe Print Bowknot Decorated Dress

Red-it can stimulate the brain and pulse to increase the excitement function, especially to promote appetite (the restaurant will use red to decorate the facade, and set the interior). At the same time, it set off a warm atmosphere, so girls can wear more red, showing the great vitality of youth. But it is not suitable for dark-skinned or depressed people.

Yellow-it promotes momentum and produces peace and tranquility. According to psychologists, yellow can make children happy, and girls who work in early childhood education wear yellow clothes, which can arouse the child’s goodwill. In addition, girls with fairer skin are also suitable for yellow, which can show their innocence and beauty. However, girls with dark skin should not wear yellow clothes.

Green-it is a natural color that reduces pain, eliminates fatigue and reduces irritation. It represents youth, peace, and freedom. It is suitable for any skin color.Giraffe Print Bowknot Decorated Dress

Blue – it sums up a smooth, quiet, relaxed and happy mind, but the pure blue is too quiet, only suitable for women after middle age, showing a solemn and noble style. If a girl likes blue, she needs to use other colors to adjust. It is generally used in white or other vivid colors to show that the girl is quiet and generous. Beijing custom tooling

Gray – this color suppresses innocent emotions. In the color of clothing, it is a simple and simple representative. Grey is very popular lately, but it is almost a female or older female basket. If the girl wears it, it is particularly mature. Therefore, girls do not choose this color to make clothes, but the light gray windbreaker, the girl is still suitable for wearing, just don’t forget to line a red, orange or pink scarf.

Brown – it is suitable for women over 25 years old. But pure brown looks more monotonous, if a girl wants to wear brown clothes, it is best to match a yellow, beige or orange embellishment.

White – it stands for purity, giving a flat and calm feeling. Wearing it will produce a sense of refinement, which is elegant, quiet and beautiful. It is suitable for women of any age, especially for girls. At the same time, white can be matched with any color.

Black – it gives a faint, negative meaning, but it also contains a solemn atmosphere. Therefore, it is more suitable for women of ages. Although some girls use black clothes to set off her white skin, they especially like to wear black dresses. But in short, this color is not suitable for girls to wear, it will only cover up all the innocence and vitality of the girl.

Purple – it seems to have some mystery, but in religion, it represents sadness and honor. Because it is a mixture of red and blue, so it is not limited to the age of wearing, not to mention the shades of color give people a different look, but the girl with a dark skin should not wear purple newborn clothes. Hollowed Ribbed Crown Pleated Dress

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