How to choose clothes for baby?

Baby body temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the skin is delicate and the resistance is poor, at the same time more activities, sweating, and sebaceous secretion. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right cute baby clothes for your baby. Choosing improperly, harmful substances will easily through the delicate skin invasion baby, increasing the chance of infection.

One, on quality of a material choice, complete cotton is appropriate, avoiding chemical fiber.

First of all, the cotton fabric is soft and the baby’s skin is delicate. The cotton fabric can gently touch the baby’s skin and play a good protective role. And chemical fiber fabrics are often hard and easy to scratch the baby’s skin, causing infection; Secondly, the cotton fabric has good air permeability, which will not hinder the evaporation of sweat and let the baby feel comfortable.

Two, in the color choice, light color is appropriate.

Very bright color cloth often contains a lot of chemical staining residue and easy to cause the baby skin disease, so mom should be careful. It should also be noted that some of the bleached fabric is actually fluorescein, which mothers need to identify when choosing.

Three, in the choice of work, fine made is appropriate.

Small clothing production should be delicate and meticulous, less burrs, suture carefully, and thread removal, so as to ensure that the baby wearing comfortable and not rough material scratches.

Four, on size choice, it should be loose.

The baby is active, if it is too tight, it will not be conducive to his limbs stretch and activities. The baby is prone to illness. Providing loose clothes for the baby, the baby activities are flexible, not only happy but can strengthen the exercise and good for the baby’s health.

The process of buying baby clothes:

  1. Purchase goods with complete and detailed labels;
  2. Touch, look, smell;
  3. Check the decorations;

4.  Remove packaging foreign matter;

5.  The new clothes should be fully washed before wear.

Finally, the most important one is that the mother should choose according to the situation of her baby. If in the process of wearing and using newborn baby clothes and if you feel the clothes bringing discomfort to the body, you can go to the quality inspection institute for testing. If it is confirmed that the clothes are the problem, you can complain to the relevant departments to protect your rights and interests.

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