How to choose healthy shoes for children

Many young parents don’t pay enough attention to what kind of baby shoestheir children wear, and they just want to make their babies look beautiful. Buying hard bottom to the child hard top or plastic bottom children shoes is inappropriate and harmful to health. Additional, the cloth shoe of hard bottom tall upper also go against the motion of child sufficient ministry and development. Cute baby shoes should keep his or her feet warm without affecting development. What shoes should we choose for our children?

Parents choose shoes for their children, in order to avoid damage to the feet. Experts offer a few tips. Check your feet before you buy shoes: standing barefoot on flat ground, if three fingers fit into the arch, your feet are normal. If the finger cannot be put in or put after the space is too large. It is recommended to go to the hospital, and listen to the doctor’s advice and guidance.

In the afternoon because the feet are swollen, try it on and don’t be barefoot, and both feet to wear good shoes and be sure to pull the zipper or lace up good. You cannot careless, then stand up and walk around, feeling the foot when walking comfort, but you can’t walk two or three steps are finished, and had better take enough 50 steps. If not suitable at this time, you already feel very obvious. If it doesn’t fit, no matter how beautiful it is, there is nothing to miss.

To save money and trouble, many parents like to buy bigger shoes for their children, which is also undesirable. The child wears the shoe that does not fit a foot for a long time, and walking can very inconvenient, form undesirable walking habit. And the upper of inferior shoe was worn not to be able to be out of shape a few days, but the double foot of the child steps in the shoe not steady, so walking can shake left right, and the growth that can affect the child to walk and the foot develops. Still some parents often are not changed to the child in time already crowded the shoe of the foot, this is bound to cause chronic to the foot oppression, making toenail is immersed in, producing sub-armor hematoma, even paronychia. Besides, wearing for a long time inappropriate shoe, still can produce before half sufficient flat foot, corn to wait a moment.

Although there are many problems with wearing shoes, many citizens do not realize the seriousness of this problem and choose their shoes at will. “The quality that has 30 % shoe at least on market does not pass, it is unqualified”, the expert expresses, unqualified basically have appearance. If a lot of shoes do not accord with human body biology, the head is too pointed, and bottom is too equal but still has those who chose inferior material to pledge. After wearing, produce athlete’s foot easily. In addition, the rubber bottom flexibility that sole chooses is poor, causing ankle injury easily, even these unwell still can outspread body other place.

Experts said that children should not wear boots, and boots high will let the child’s ankle movement affected, and the child love to move, which is easy to fall or joint sprain. Above all, if you want to choose the shoe with more round toe for the child, let the space that the toe of the child has sufficient motion. If the toe is too pointed, it may cause the deformity of pointed foot and hallux valgus. Next, you should wear the shoe with harder sole, wearing such shoes, and the sufficient bottom muscle of the child just is not easy fatigue. “Children wear shoes with heels that are not too high.” Experts said, if the heel more than 3.5 cm will make the body’s center of gravity obvious forward, lumbar lordosis increased, which is easy to cause lumbosacral joint strain and lumbar pain. The child grows fast, 3 months should change a pair of new shoes to the child.

The stand or fall of the child shoe concerns the child whether healthy growth, parents cannot be careless. Choosing the right size for your child and wearing comfortable newborn baby shoes is the most important thing. The child wearing a pair of ordinary shoes comfortable to better activities, more conducive to his exploration of the outside world, on the contrary, the baby may not be willing to move, long-term physical development will cause obstacles and psychological damage.


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