How to Choose Maternity Bottoms after Childbirth

Most mothers after giving birth to baby will breastfeed the baby, and the structure of the breast will change accordingly. During breastfeeding, the breast will be bigger than the original, so at this period you can not wear normal bra, which could not hold the breasts. Choosing unsuitable plus size maternity brassieres will easily lead to breast relaxation and sagging, so it is very important to choose suitable maternity brassieres after childbirth. in addition to choosing a bra, the maternity bottoms can not be ignored.Maternity Support Abdomen Corduroy Suspender Pants

When choosing the brassiere, you’d better not choose the one with dark color, for sometimes dark color are dangerous with some chemical substance, which can cause discomfort to the skin and can be detrimental to the health of the baby. The shoulder strap of plus size maternity brassieres should be wide and vertical, in order to not cause shoulder pain. The bottom of the cup has a steel wire lining, which can effectively lift the breast. There should be a buckle in front of the bra, which is convenient to breastfeed baby. The bottom edge of the cup should be wide, preferably cotton. When choosing a bra, choose a model that is slightly larger, so that the underarm and the back will not form a groove. The angle should be raised and deep, and it is better to wear a cotton fabric.Maternity Graceful Sleeveless Tulle Maxi Dress

When choosing maternity bottoms , you should consider the changes in the waist, hips, and legs. Each person’s body is different. Therefore, according to your own conditions, you should choose different plus size maternity brassieres with different functions. The texture of the maternity bottoms should be elastic. The underwear should not be too tightly tied to the buttocks and waist.

You should also master the following techniques when washing plus size maternity bottoms : maternity bottoms should be washed separately, usually use sterilized soap or underwear special detergent for cleaning. After washing, soak it in water for a while, especially the newly bought underwear must be soaked for more than 1 hour. After drying in the sun for half an hour, transfer the bottoms to a ventilated place. The underwear should be stored separately, not mixed with other clothes. Before wearing, shake the free fiber attached to the underwear. In order to avoid irritating the nipple, causing obstruction of the mammary gland.Maternity Chiffon Off Shoulder Dress

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