How to Choose Maternity Clothes in Winter

Many expectant mothers began to buy maternity clothes as soon as they heard the news of their pregnancy. In fact, it is not necessary. In the first three months of pregnancy, usual loose, lightweight and breathable clothes are enough. Tight pants should be avoided. Wearing a dress in spring and summer, the vest skirt is the most suitable. By the time of four or five months, the belly is obviously uplifted. At this time, it is necessary to start purchasing maternity clothes sale.Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress

Most mothers don’t want their maternity clothes to be worn for only one month, so try to choose the right size and look far enough to prepare enough space for the rapidly expanding belly.

With the increase of the month, the abdominal circumference, the chest circumference, hip circumference and leg circumference will change gradually. The size of the maternity   dress must be larger than the size of the body. For it is more comfortable and can be worn longer.

Choosing natural fabrics is the principle of buying maternity clothes. Because the skin becomes sensitive and sweaty during pregnancy, it is easy to cause allergies if the skin is often exposed to rayon. Natural fabrics include cotton, hemp, silk and more.Casual Lacework Hem Tank Top

In general, choose clothes with light color are better. Light color, such as pink, light blue and light green, can make pregnant women look healthy, cute. If the clothes have some small floral patterns, it can hide some prominent abdomen.

The first thing to consider when choosing maternity dress is comfort and convenience, that is, it is easy to put on and take off, and there is no restraint feeling after wearing it. plus size mon-to-be clothes are actually very particular, and it is not lenient enough to cover the stomach. When cutting, the chest circumference and abdominal circumference are the design focus. Meanwhile, neckline, chest line, armpit, sleeves and other places should also be specially designed, which should not put on the chest. The waist of the skirt or pants should generally be adjustable, and the belt or elastic band can be adjusted to tighten with the abdomen.Maternity Full Length Dress With Adjustable Belt

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