How to choose pajamas correctly in winter

  1. 1.Pajamas are not suitable at home in winter.

In order to keep warm in winter, of course, the thicker women sleepwear will be, the better it is. Anything can be done by a person in the warm clothes.

In fact, the pajamas and home clothes cannot be confused, otherwise it can be easy to be infected with soot, dust and bacteria, so you can imagine that wearing such pajamas will bring how much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, frivolous pajama or the pajama of some ply just suits sleep more, and too thick pajama has poor breathability, which can obstruct skin to breathe normally and sweat evaporate with the result of not quite warmth preservation, but also can let your sleep quality drop.

  1. The color of pajamas should be light and the preferred material is cotton.

The quietly elegant color such as pink, weak green and cream-colored is more wholesome Morpheus. Bright red, deep blue go against mood to loosen and affect nightly rest, so pajama had better to be the color with weak element.

Pajama fabrics have cotton, real silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, artificial silk, color ding, chiffon, hemp, etc., with cotton as the best. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, more comfortable and safe to wear next to the skin. Chemical fiber material pajamas in winter easy electrostatic are not suitable for choice. Hemp qualitative pajama can affect Morpheus but also should eliminate.

  1. 3.Split pajamas are more convenient.

Pajama styles can be divided into three types: drawstring, split and one-piece dressing gowns. Winter is more suitable for the choice of split style pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move.

In size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just good, and relatively loose is better, so wearing sleep will not have a sense of bondage.

  1. Pajamas should be changed and washed frequently and dried in a cool place,

Many lazy girls do not like to wash their clothes, especially when they only wear pajamas to sleep. They feel not dirty at all.

Human body is in after entering Morpheus and metabolism still is continued, and sweat, grease is from the skin which can breed bacterium and mite bug, if a few weeks just change, these dirty things can stimulate the skin and serious even suffer from hair bursa inflammation. Therefore, pajamas should be changed and washed frequently. Oily skin should be changed at least once a week.

High-grade pajama and underwear are same, unfavorable insolate below sunshine, because insolation can shorten clothing life, so it had better be dry in shady and cool place.

All above is the winter how to choose women’s intimates. In the cold winter, choosing pajamas must pay special attention to not choosing too thick women lingerie to sleep, so not only cannot keep warm, but also reduce the quality of sleep. So when choosing women sleepwear, one must choose cotton qualitative pajama, such ability is helpful for quality.

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