How to choose shoes for a baby?

Choosing shoes for a baby is also an important matter, generally speaking, the most important function of baby shoes is to protect the foot and in good taste. The children shoes for less eight-month baby require protection for the foot and to be comfortable. Besides, the shoes should be slightly wider than baby’s feet about half an inch. When a baby starts to learn to crawl, stand, and walk, it’s important to put on the right shoes for the baby. Back Zipper Pompon Decorated Boots

The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing shoes:

Firstly, choose shoes according to the baby’s foot type, namely the size, thin and fat of the shoe and the height of the foot back. Secondly, shoe upper has to be soft and air-permeable. Thirdly, shoe sole should be hard but not too soft—-one-third of shoes from the front of shoes require flexional and the other two-thirds of shoes need to be less flexional. The heel should be slightly higher than the arch of the foot to fit the natural posture and the sole should be broad and split up. Fourthly, the baby has very soft and immature bones. So the upper should be a bit higher and close to the foot to keep ankle stable. Fifthly, children’s feet grow fast, increasing by 1 mm per month on average. When moms buy newborn baby shoes, the size should be slightly larger, but not too large. It’s also important to get new shoes in time.

It is essential for one-year-old children to have cute baby shoes. Whether babies are learning to walk or just learned how to walk, a good pair of shoes is most important. After 15 months, the child has greatly improved the mobility of his feet. He can not only walk better, but also squat and play, walk backward as well as run. However, children in this period still are poor at balance, and it is inevitable that they will fall frequently. So, when moms choose shoes for the child in this period, they have to pay attention to fitness of shoes. Cartoon Rabbit Plush Snow Boots

  1. Shoes should not be too loose and fat to prevent losing them while walking. Do not wear oversize shoes, which will make children afraid to lift their feet when walking, and shuffling around. It will affect children’s walking posture and hinder children’s dexterity. To facilitate baby’s toe can be flexible in shoes, moms can choose shoes whose head is wider and circular. It is definitely unacceptable to choose some narrow and small shoes for the baby, because it can both affect the development of baby’s foot muscle and ligament and make phalangeal deformation, which will make toenail embed in the flesh, making babies very painful.
  2. The toe of one-year old baby is unshaped. What should notice is not letting the baby wear slipper to walk, because when wearing slipper to walk, the toe of babies is push hard. In the long run, it will affect the posture of walking.
  3. Parents are advised not to put on shoes which have soft uppers for the baby considering the development of ankle. Hard top shoes not only protect the baby’s feet, but also support the baby’s ankles.Bowknot Decorated Zippered Leather Boots

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