How to choose shoes for baby in winter?

Winter is coming and mothers should also remember to timely put on warm baby shoes for the baby. While it’s important for mothers to keep their babies warm, it’s also important to keep their feet warm. In traditional Chinese medicine, feet are connected with various organs and nerves of the body and cold feet can lead to cold and serious diseases. So choosing the right pair of warm shoes for your baby is the key to good health.

How to choose children shoes for your baby in winter? Here’s our expert advice:

1. Choose shoes according to the foot type.

Parents buy shoes for the baby, please be sure to carefully observe the baby’s feet. Some baby feet are narrow, slender; Some babies’ feet are fat; Some babies feet are thick; Some babies have shallow arches…and so on. Parents should choose suitable shoes according to the baby’s foot type, not the softer the better. The baby’s shoes should be soft and hard, because the baby is in the growth process, and too soft shoes cannot be fixed foot and be supported, which is easy to cause ligament and joint damage. 

2. The choice of shoe texture.

Because the baby is active, shoes should be comfortable. The inner lining of the shoes should be made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric. Because cotton is soft enough, good water absorption, which can ensure that baby feet dry and comfortable. On fabrics choice, it had better be natural ox sheep leather shoes, because natural leather has good hygroscopicity and permeability. Sole had better choose ox tendon bottom because ox tendon bottom is slippery, wear-resisting, and flexibility is good, and shock absorption sex is tall, which suit in winter especially.

3. The choice of shoe size.

The babies’ foot grows faster, so the parent buys a shoe when the shoe must not buy too big or slant small shoe. Slant small shoe can affect the child’s bone growth, which is easy to produce deformity; Too large shoes will make baby walk instability, which is easy to fall. When buying, it is best to let the baby try on the shoes by himself. Let the baby stand on the ground and mother gently press the toe, feeling the baby’s foot and toe with a finger.

Old people often say what harm also can’t harm the child’s feet, which is enough to prove the importance of cute baby shoes. Choose a pair of suitable shoes for the child, and it is the premise that assures the child safety and health. If it is the first time for parents to buy shoes, they can take their children to a professional children’s shoes shop, consulting with experienced shop assistants and listening to the introduction of the shop assistants to know which newborn baby shoes are more suitable for their children. Keep in mind that buying for your child is more practical than aesthetic.

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