How to Choose Suitable Styles for Newborn Baby Clothes

Different months of the baby stage, the style of clothing is not the same. Newborn babies basically don’t go out in the month. The baby’s clothes are mainly comfortable and easy to change diapers, so there’s no need to prepare too fancy. Here are some suggestions for baby dressing! May you can find the most suitable one in Popreal, an online baby clothes store!Cartoon Dog Pattern T-Shirt

1, Monk clothes

Monk clothes are especially suitable for newborn babies. There are no buttons on the clothes and they are used to fasten the clothes. In the first month the baby can wear a little monk dress, and put on a small blanket and a quilt.

2.Butterfly clothing

Butterfly clothing is especially suitable for 0-3 months baby. The clothing type is loose, and with the design of the chest straps, and the bust adjusts freely. The trousers are rounded with snaps. It can be a jumpsuit that protects the baby, as well as make it easy to change diapers. So it is especially suitable for newborn babies, and the baby can be used as pajamas when they grow up.

3, Toddler rompers

Toddler rompers are one-piece clothes with short sleeves or long sleeves.Toddler rompers are very suitable for all babies for it is easy to wear. And this kind of clothes can protect the stomach effectively. For the little baby, the warmth of the stomach is very important and there is nothing wrong with the protection of the stomach. The big advantage of baggage is that the stomach is tightly covered.Cartoon Bird Pattern T-Shirt

The biggest advantage of this type of clothing is that it is very convenient to hold the children. If it is an ordinary cardigan, it will often go up when you carry babies. So the small belly will exposed without any protect.

4, Newborn clothes sets

Usually 3 months-to-6-months-old baby will wear baby sets, because the upper body is a pullover, the lower body is a high-waist umbilical design to prevent the abdomen from catching cold, and it can also avoid tightness to the baby.

Due to the traditional habits, some of the lower body of the baby sets are designed to be opened directly, while others are designed for dual purpose. Parents can change the dead body to a simple one by simply removing the thread. It should be noted that clothing with buttons must be carefully checked to prevent the baby from pulling on his armpits and causing danger when swallowed.Botanical Embroidered Tops


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