How to choose the first pair of shoes and correct the walking posture?

Babies don’t need newborn baby shoes before they start walking, but when they start standing and taking their first steps, they can start thinking about buying their first pair of children shoes.

How to choose suitable shoes for baby?

The shoe must be soft, comfortable and loose, which can protect sufficient ministry to do not suffer outside harm. Toddlers can choose slightly taller shoes in case they fall off. Mom can choose sole with slightly non-slip effect.

You don’t need any support pads on the bottom of the foot, and you don’t want to restrict the movement of the ankle, because the bones and muscles of the child are still developing and need enough space to develop normally. The more natural children’s foot development, the greater his sense of balance and strength. There is a research to point out that the time of barefoot childhood is longer, the appearance after adult hind foot and function are better, so actually the best shoe is his foot.

The child walks a strange posture, whether to need to correct?

Children’s feet are still developing, so the appearance will look different from the feet of adults, especially the common children’s elastic flat feet. The vast majority of the growth with age will gradually close to the shape of adults. This is a normal child physiological phenomenon, not a disease. Parents do not have to worry too much and do not have to be eager to correct.

Are corrective shoes helpful for children?

Shoes “correction” is actually wrong because these shoes are not really correct the skeletal development of children. In fact, children’s foot shape improvement comes from the growth of children themselves rather than the effect of these shoes, so parents don’t have to in order to secure and buy too expensive baby shoes.


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