How to choose the right shoes for your baby?

It is very important to choose the right shoes for the baby. Whether baby shoes are suitable is closely related to the development of the baby’s feet and walk, because the mother must pay attention to the size, comfort, texture and other factors of the shoes when shopping. Now let’s take a look at how to buy children shoes for your baby.

When the baby just began to wear shoes, do not choose leather shoes because the baby just began to wear leather shoes not only will be more difficult, but also the baby will feel uncomfortable. When the baby learns to walk, moms want to choose the shoe with soft bottom as far as possible, which can let the baby’s foot be more comfortable so. Shoes made of felt, for example, are a good choice because they have a soft bottom and laces that don’t fall off easily.

In addition, when choosing shoes for your baby, try to choose shoes with round and wide front ends, such as canvas shoes, shoes with buttons and felt shoes made of soft leather, which can allow your baby to move his toes and help him walk. But these shoes also have some disadvantages:

1. Canvas shoes.

It is not easy for mothers to buy canvas shoes that are suitable for the size of baby’s feet. If they are small, they will squeeze the feet, while if they are a little larger, they will easily fall off. Therefore, mothers should measure the size of baby’s feet before purchasing them. In addition, the growth of the baby changes quickly, if the baby’s shoes are small, parents should give the baby to buy new shoes, so as not to affect the baby’s foot growth.

2. Soft leather shoes.

Such shoes are not easy to buy suitable, sometimes may appear in the mall to buy right shoes, the baby may try on one foot is not suitable, so parents may wish to take the baby to try on this kind of shoes and choose shoes suitable for the baby.

3. Felt shoes.

Although this kind of shoes is very good, but the price is not low, and buying a pair of baby will not wear for a long time, so parents can learn to walk when the baby to buy two pairs of baby, such as baby walking decent after the baby to wear canvas shoes can be.

Shoes that feel fine when babies are tall and tend to walk late tend to be smaller, so a pair of shoes with a thin sole, such as canvas, or shoes with soft leather that adjusts the feel of the buckle.

In fact, the baby in the early walk, you can also do not wear shoes, socks instead of a month or two, such as the baby walking more stable, or going out to play more opportunities to put on canvas shoes for the baby.

If your baby is already in kindergarten, it can be fun to put on his raincoat and rain boots on a rainy day, so parents can prepare cute rain shoes for their baby after the age of one and a half.

Now there are some specially designed for baby sound, flashing cute baby shoes, which can increase the fun of baby walking and help baby practice walking.

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