How to choose the right shoes for your beloved baby?

It is every mother’s pleasure to see her baby grow up healthily and happily. The baby’s words and deeds and all affect the mother’s heart. From the time a baby is a toddler, a mother is concerned about choosing the right baby shoes for her baby.

The baby puts on proper shoe not only walk comfortable, but still have benefit at the baby’s body development, so how to choose the shoe that suits a baby to wear? Experts remind in the selection of children’s shoes, you can refer to the following Suggestions:

  1. Choose the right size for your shoes.

Too big shoes are easy to fall off, and too small to squeeze the foot, so moderate is appropriate.

Mother should pay attention to: choose children’s shoes avoid shoes too small. Too small will squeeze the bone, affect growth and development, some wear out the skin can also cause infection. Of course, shoes should not be too large, causing foot fatigue, but also easy to fall. At the same time, it should be considered that the baby is in the growth and development period. The feet grow fast, and it is recommended to choose shoes about 1/2 inch larger than the feet, after putting on the shoes, they are not too tight, but not too loose and have a little bit of spare time, and the baby will not feel that the feet are bound, which is conducive to standing, walking smoothly and comfortably.

Also because the baby’s feet grow faster, pay attention to the replacement of shoes. Mother should give the baby in time to change the appropriate new shoes, to ensure that the baby wear comfortable, convenient activities.

2. Pay attention to the impact of the sole on the foot.

A lot of children shoes add a raised soft cushion in the sole when design, and it seems that can help darling prevent flat foot so, but relevant expert points out: the sufficient ministry development that such design does not have help to darling, still can have reaction.

Because it reduces the development space of the foot arch extension, if a long time to wear, easy to form flat feet. At the same time the expert suggests the sole of children’s shoe wants to have proper soft hardness and ply, ply is about 5 ~ 8 millimeter advisable.

3. Pay attention to the soft hardness of the upper, not too hard.

Some mothers mistakenly believe that the softer the better, experts said: this idea is wrong. The softness of the shoe must moderate, rise otherwise do not have the effect of fixed foot model. The foot cannot get support in the shoe, which can easily cause ankle joint and ligament damage. At the same time, the baby’s bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are in the growth and development period, the upper should not be too hard.

Reminding the mother in the choice of shoes can let the baby try on the shoes on the ground to try to walk, and observe, and ask the baby whether feel comfortable, standing and walking is smooth, easy to move, this pair of shoes is appropriate.

4. Pay attention to the material of shoes.

Expert expresses: in natural leather, soft sheepskin, cowhide has good permeability and hygroscopicity, and it is the best choice that children shoe pledges. So the attention when the mother chooses sole should choose to prevent slippery, and flexibility are good. The material with damping high sex is like ox tendon bottom, and it can absorb the ground to face the concussion of the heel and brain better. Choose soft, comfortable cotton for the lining. Finally, pay attention to the selection of shoes slightly better, slightly fine, let the children wear healthy and comfortable and beautiful and durable.

Summary: the baby growth process always affects the mother’s heart, for the baby to choose the right cute baby shoes is also a very worthy of attention. The baby puts on the suitable children shoes, then can be down to earth the walk and the activity, is advantageous the foot ministry development, causing the body healthy growth.

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