How to Choose Women’s Intimates

After the mother is breast-feeding, the mammary gland will shrink and degenerate to a certain extent. It may be somewhat soft and drooping compared to before. In order to prevent breast atrophy, we must do a good job during breastfeeding. We must do physical exercise to make the chest muscles develop, and the breastfeeding time should not be too long, so that the breast can be restored in time. We must not forget that it should be noted during lactation. Sticking to a soft, fit women’s intimates, you can avoid breast sagging and clear outlines by purchasing a well-supported women lingerie, which is especially important during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Mummy must wear a sleepwear for women. During this period, the breasts are enlarged, and they are often sucked by the baby. It is easy to sag. It is impossible to wear a women sleepwear because of fear of trouble. In the end, how to choose a breastfeeding women lingerie, I am here to talk about the details:

Bra should be convenient to place the breast pad. From late pregnancy to postpartum lactation, breasts may be galactorrhea, and many pregnant women or moms use breast pads to absorb spilled milk. In order to facilitate the placement and fixation of the breast pad, many special pregnant women lingerie will be provided with a bag mouth and an auxiliary belt in the cup.

Pay attention to the design of the lactation opening. The design of the breastfeeding opening of the cup not only increases the added value of the women’s intimates, but also extends the period from the pregnancy to the lactation period. If the baby is hungry and ready to breastfeed, you can hold the baby in one hand and unfasten the buckle in the other hand. It is very convenient.

The angle of the cup is obviously raised, and the depth should be the full cup, preferably thin and elastic cotton knitted fabric sleepwear for women. The bottom edge of the cup has a steel wire lining, which can give the breast an upward lifting force, and the steel plate is made of pure cotton fabric. The shoulder strap of the bra should be oriented vertically and wider so that the shoulders are not sore due to plump breasts. The color of the women sleepwear should be chosen in white, because pure white containing bleach will cause discomfort to the skin and is not good for the baby’s health.

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