How to Choosing Clothing Style For Babies at Different Stages

As little baby grows up day by day, they will have more hobbies than before. When they was little, large and comfortable clothes were the main choice. Now, they would like to try various clothing styles. Here are some tips for choosing different clothing styles for babies at different ages, may Popreal could solve your problem on matching your baby~

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Monk clothes

It is necessary for newborns, which is loose and comfortable. You can buy a little bigger, because the baby grows very fast. Sometimes you can also use the monk clothes as a dressing gown. Don’t worry about your baby’s health.

Sleeveless vest

Changing clothes for babies is always a matter of trouble. Sleeveless vests are more convenient and the baby is also very cool to wear it in the summer.

Newborn baby rompers

It is super practical! Locking the button below it is a bodysuit, and unlocking the button it is a nightgown.

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Onesies (foot cover)

It is my favorite style, wrapping cute and lovely feet. But it is not practical, because baby could not do activities freely with it.

Underwear set

Split cotton underwear cover is also essential. It can be worn for a long time with high utilization. And it does not affect the baby’s activities, it is comfortable at home.

Packing clothes

It is very practical protect the small belly when sleeping, and is very cute, but be sure to buy a bigger one, leaving room for diapers, or the baby will be uncomfortable.

Cotton clothing

It is one of the must-haves in early winter. The material is comfortable and warm, and the hood is more practical.

Down jacket

The advantage is warm, and the disadvantage is drilled hair. In fact, the baby will feel most suitable to wear cotton clothes.Bunny Print Polka Dot Doll Collar Romper

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