How to dress baby in spring

Spring, is the legend of warm and cold, because the warm time is getting longer and longer. But there are differences across the country. In early spring, it is better to dress according to the local weather conditions. But the most important thing is to prevent hot and cold. How to make a dressing strategy for your baby in early spring?

Top thin and bottom thick:

Early spring season, the pants, socks, shoes, must be thick and warm and do not change too fast or take off too early. Do not in order to “beautiful” and “handsome”, take off the spring clothes, causing joint pain. But the upper body slightly reduces does not matter. In daily life, if the mother can stick to these two principles to the baby dress, at the same time according to the temperature changes in time to the baby clothes, will be able to let the baby healthy through the spring.

No hurry to change clothes:

The human body is as same as nature, and in the spring began to recover. The original in the “hibernation” of the skin cells began to become active, pores opening. When a cold wind strikes, it can drive through and make people feel cold. No matter how the season change, the body’s temperature is always kept in 37 ℃ or so. Maintaining a constant body temperature is to rely on the contraction of blood vessels and skin sweat to adjust or to rely on clothing to maintain. If you lose clothes too soon, you will disrupt the body’s constant temperature regulation, affecting health. And the temperature in early spring is sometimes cold, sometimes hot, sometimes high and sometimes low, people often cannot predict this change. When the temperature rises minus clothes, and suddenly the temperature drops, clothes have not added, so you will get a cold, bronchitis and other diseases, which will also make the original disease worse. Especially children, do not take off cotton-padded clothes too early, in case of cold invasion and disease.

How does the baby dress warm and comfortable?

Babies are more likely to metabolize than adults and are more afraid of heat than adults, and may easily catch a cold after wearing too many cute baby clothes. So parents need to pay attention to baby’s clothing to moderate thickness. Mom passes experience, with the hand they can decide basically whether enough or overmuch. Under normal circumstances, the baby’s neck part of the cold is some cold need to add newborn baby clothes and vice versa.

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