How to dress the child in winter

A lot of parents often are in wintry day put newborn clothes on baby, but this is very inappropriate practice, let a baby dress like a little fat, which can affect the activity of the baby and can cause the skin pathological change. In fact, the baby is not as vulnerable as parents thought, so when choosing cute baby clothes.

Here are some tips for dressing your baby.


Wearing a hat helps maintain a constant body temperature, as the head is responsible for 25% of a baby’s heat. The thickness of the hat should be increased as the temperature decreases, but do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, because it will stimulate the baby’s skin. In addition, the baby that has milk ringworm does not wear wool cap, lest cause dermatitis, should wear the cap of soft cloth make it. Do not often wear a mask scarf, often wear a mask, scarf will reduce the baby’s upper respiratory tract adaptability to cold air, lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases. And, scarf is wool or other fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, one is to make the scarf gap in the bacterial dust into the baby’s upper respiratory tract; Second, wool and other fibers inhaled, can induce allergic constitution of the baby asthma, but also because of the thick scarf, blocked by the baby’s nose and mouth affect normal lung ventilation.

The body.

Dress appropriately. If you wear too much clothing, your baby will not stop sweating once he is active, which will cause the expansion of blood vessels in the skin and increase the blood flow to the skin, thus increasing the heat loss. Show for the baby a lot of sweat, sweat soaked clothes, but easy to catch cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to changes in external temperature and disease resistance. In addition, because the baby less than 6 months due to the body surface area is relatively large and more heat dissipation, and the body heat capacity is insufficient, so go out when the cold or should pay attention to more clothing. Flannelette does not want close-fitting inside out to wear, flannelette usually uses fleece knitwear to make and become, the reverse side is soft, fleeciness, heat preservation is very good, some mothers wear to the baby inside out. However, if the reverse, these villi will soon because of sweat and sebum, become bond, hair hard, if the washing and then rub hard, will make this situation more serious, thermal effect is weakened. Sweater wants wool of children of choose and buy special purpose, there is the wool that produces for the baby only on the market nowadays, the wool in the wool that its place contains and common wool is different, very fine, and very soft, keep warm the sex is good, suit a baby to wear very use. Mother also need to pay attention, do not choose to contain mohair wool, because it is easy to depilate, inhaled into the baby’s windpipe and lungs will cause disease.


Keep baby socks dry, socks wet will make the baby’s feet cool, reflex to cause respiratory tract resistance and susceptible to a cold. Winter should choose pure wool or pure cotton quality of material, which have conserve effect to ministry skin sock. Shoes should be of the right size. If the shoe is too big, it will create a large gap between the shoe and the foot, thus causing a large loss of heat on the foot. Shoes are too small, because there is not much space between the foot and the shoe, which will be shoes and socks cotton, fiber nap extrusion firm, thus affecting the amount of static air storage inside the shoe and not very good heat preservation. Right way: the shoe is a little bit looser, quality of a material is complete cotton, and soft and have good warmth retention.

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