How to Dress Your Baby in Comfortable Temperature

Many mothers believe that the warmer the baby wears, the better it is. However, they do not know that wearing too much will make the baby uncomfortable, but also affect the baby’s growth. So how to determine the baby’s body temperature is appropriate? Popreal will solve your confusion!Flower Prints Tank

Touch your baby’s neck directly with your hand to see if he sweat or not. Especially in winter, I often use this method to judge whether the clothes are too much or not. As long as the baby’s back and neck are warm, it is more appropriate. If it is cold or hot, it is necessary to add appropriate clothing to the baby.

In addition, if you look at the baby’s sweating when the baby’s relative quiet. If he doesn’t exercise, but he starts to sweat, except when baby’s uncomfortable. That is to wear too much; not sweating and the face is ruddy and it is just right.

In general, a baby who wears more clothes than an adult wears one or a half pieces of clothing (approximately thickness of clothing) is suitable.

The above two points are very simple but the effect is not bad. At least our baby will not catch cold because of the lack of clothes.Cartoon Car Pattern T-Shirt

For the big baby, judging the clothes is even easier. The baby will begin to say cold or hot, and the mother will add or take off clothes according to the baby’s response.

However, one thing to note is that the big baby can easily become obsessed with playing. Sometimes he is already sweating, but he forget to tell mother about that. At this moment, the mother must remind the baby to undress, so as to avoid wearing sweating and uncomfortable.

In the spring when the temperature difference between day and night is big, thent wearing a turtleneck underwear is a good choice, and then wearing buckled or zippered outside. Dressed like this will facilitate the children to wear and take off, especially when you go out to play with the baby, when he is sweating you can immediately take off the coat, and when it is cold you can put it on the baby. In winter, clothes are headwear, pullovers, and jackets. When the weather is colder, a button or jumper is added outside the sweater.

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