How to dress your baby

Some children just don’t like to wear cute baby clothes, and sometimes he will happily take off his newborn baby clothes to push back and forth to feel freedom, especially for some baby with a bag wrapped is not free at all. So many mothers have a terrible headache with these babies and can’t shove them into newborn clothes.

But often because the baby often milk or eat complementary food dirty clothes and do not change, summer is good, but winter is easy to catch cold, so many times a day to change clothes for the baby is really challenging. In fact, the baby is more prone to sweat than adults, they need to change the wet clothes in time will not catch a cold, but in the face of difficult to put on the clothes of the baby, not with the baby, if the mother did not quickly put on the baby clothes, it is very easy to catch cold, especially the baby weak resistance.

So how do you dress your baby so he doesn’t get sick?

In winter, the weather is cold, and the baby is wearing more, if moms also go to change clothes in that way it is easy to make the baby catch cold, and generally the baby winter clothes in addition to underwear, outside clothes is not very dirty cannot change every day. The old man also often said that a lot of cotton-padded jacket is not warm. For the baby is still in the spilled milk and drooling period, mother who’d better prepare some bib or saliva towel, around the baby neck, which can prevent the baby milk spill or drooling dirty wet clothes, moms also need not always change clothes for the baby, which is hard to wash and winter clothes and is dry, so the saliva towel and bib is the best choice. But spit towel and bib are soiled be about to be washed immediately prevent mildew infection, and do not be lazy to wash and change often.

And every time you change clothes in order to quickly put the clothes on the baby, to put on the clothes layer by layer, so that you can seize the opportunity to put on the baby when the one-time deal. If you wear one item at a time, you may need to wear it many times, and it can effectively reduce the time to wear clothes and prevent your baby from catching cold. In winter, the weather is freezing, even the clothes are ice cold, so it is best to put the clothes warm before wearing, or baked hot, or put in the quilt cover heat, and then to the baby to wear, so that the baby’s body quickly warm up, also do not need through their own heat to warm clothes, can effectively keep warm.

When changing clothes for your baby in winter, in order to prevent catching cold, you can cover your baby with a layer of quilt, which can reduce the area of frozen skin when putting on clothes, but also can help your baby quickly generate heat. If the baby is older, it can be held in the arms of an adult, and then covered with a quilt, so that through the adult’s body temperature to transfer heat.

And don’t give your baby pants, winter or summer. Although open-seat pants are easier for your baby to urinate and defecate, and they’re less likely to get dirty, bacteria can cause your baby to run and sit. This is not conducive to their own baby on the toilet concept and easily lead to urinary tract infection, which is harmful to the baby’s health.

Dressing a baby has always been a skill, especially when it comes to children who are born to be free and mischievous. So mothers cannot force your baby to cooperate with you, only according to the baby’s special behavior to think of special ways to ensure that the baby will not catch cold.

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