How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter Part 1

High cost and high density.

High-count high-density fabric is the “right-hand man” in the fabric kingdom. In the autumn and winter of 2013, high-count high-density fabric still plays an important role in the fabric family. More closely, the fine yarn, yarn count is 70-80, using fiber length of raw material on the 33 mm more than high-quality long-staple cotton, soft long and intensity of superior fiber than ordinary cotton make the fabric more soft, delicate, make better cute baby clothes permeability, absorb sweat, let the baby enjoy comfortable and dry autumn and winter.

Filled cotton and high quality.

Moisture, sweat and so on will make the cotton clothes gradually moisture, affecting its lasting warmth effect, so for the cotton clothes in the heart of the mother will pay special attention to the cotton. Microfiber filled cotton is the best choice, with a moisture regain rate as low as 0.4%, 21 times smaller than ordinary cotton. Trusted by the heart of the mother children’s clothing, the selection of stuffed cotton is divided into soft cotton and water cotton. Soft cotton is mostly used for children’s cotton-padded clothes, wearing more stylish. Washing water cotton is mostly used for baby and child cotton-padded clothes, the fiber is thinner, the elasticity is better, soft and gentle, suitable for the baby’s habit of moving more and the need of elastic wearing space.

In winter, many mothers choose a down jacket for their baby. In addition to the quality of down, down jacket is the most prone to the problem of running down, so the fabric needs to prevent wind, rain, running down. Annelle children’s down jacket has a down content of over 80%. All the fabrics are made of fine polyester fabric that has been treated with windproof, rainproof and fleece-proof fabric, which is skin-friendly, comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time.

Skin-friendly lining material.

The baby’s close-fitting lining fabric, the mother will not let go of the heart, the real comfort of children’s wear to the same inside and outside.

Although close-fitting lining fabrics does not show one’s face, but the skin close contact with darling directly, should be more fastidious actually. Breathable, hygroscopic, no static, moderate thickness, soft touch, good warmth retention…These are the baby’s growth and development of the small body on the autumn and winter clothing material appeals, hard mother can “hear”, at the same time, only pay special attention to the baby wearing feelings, intimate, reliable brand can do. Annelle’s children’s wear has gone through the innovation season after season in the past 17 years. The standard of 100% cotton used in lining has never been changed.

Previous studies have pointed out that the heat preservation of fabrics is related to the degree of looseness. More fluffy the fabric will be, the longer the cold air will pass through, and the strength of cold air will be greatly reduced. Fluffy soft coral velvet is therefore widely used in newborn clothes materials, the use of micro fiber precision production, more delicate and smooth, soft and fine wool, layer sense is distinct, hair height up to 6mm, can be a good cold air barrier outside, thermal effect is excellent.

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