How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter

Waistbands, prints, and design details are often the most annoying and overlooked areas for moms.

“When you buy newborn baby clothes for your child, you should pay attention to the waistband. Many waistbands are either too tight or too loose, and some of them have rolled edges. It is very uncomfortable for your baby, and the skin is very red.”

“Children’s clothes are the most important for their natural innocence. Many children dress like adults. In this most precious age, children cannot find their original lively and lovely strength.”

Careful mother will not miss every detail when shopping for clothes, subtle care, give the baby the most comfortable to enjoy.

Baby’s skin is delicate, the body is in the growth and development period, the waistband design cannot be too tight, the baby belly, also cannot be too loose, the total down, affect warmth.

The waistband of a child’s trousers has always been the focus of Annelle’s attention, and she insists on constantly improving the comfort of wearing from the details of the craft. For example, choose more fine and soft rib fabric and more elastic. n the autumn and winter of 2013, Annell specially designed “double tunnel” for the waistband of infants and children. Two rubber bands are combined side by side, which eliminates the drawback of rubber rolling in trousers due to wearing for a long time. And in the middle with a stretch sewing machine on a chain line, forming two rubber tunnel, and each rubber can be independent pumping stretch, for the mother according to the size of the child waist adjustment rubber length.

Beautiful design printing can have the effect that nods eyeball for darling dress up. What we are common before is to use glue to print catch, although the design is bright-colored and beautiful, but permeability is very poor and hard. In 2013, Annelle improved and innovated the printing and dyeing process, adopted advanced water slurry and powder slurry printing and dyeing, and greatly improved the air permeability of the pattern. Printing pattern also becomes more compact and meticulous, use a lot of hand drawing, and each design contains vivid story, with the child pure nature photograph becomes an interest.

Tips for choosing clothes.

Security detail: say “NO” to dangerous people.

When outfit of children of choose and buy, you always can hear such voice: “baby dress is jumped over bright-colored, such ability is enough beautiful and lively”, “the dress has flavor, it is good to wash, unimportant”…When buying clothes for children, there is no lack of such parents, the pursuit of children’s clothing color, style trendy beautiful, attract eyeballs, and the inherent quality of children’s clothing do not think so, and even encounter odor and other dangerous signals also think that there is no big obstacle.

Mom knows that “Choosing safe clothes for my baby is the most important thing. I won’t buy smelly clothes because there must be a lot of chemicals in them.” “Bright colors look beautiful, but they are dyed. The brighter the color, the more chemicals there are.

The safety health of the baby is one of the problems that every mother cares about most attentively, when choosing cute baby clothes, you want a clear mind. The odors and colors that mothers notice in their newborn clothes may be caused by formaldehyde, excessive PH, or azo dyes.

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