How to keep your baby warm in winter-part 1

Many parents because of fear that the baby will catch cold, so the baby is wrapped like a small “dumplings”. In addition to being unsightly and impeding your child’s activities, babies should also be wary of heat shield syndrome when they wear newborn clothes too much. Some of the heat cover is too severe and is likely to appear suddenly high fever, sweating, convulsions and even coma, etc., See the baby clothing experts for you to explain how to dress the baby and keep them warm!

Because infants have less subcutaneous fat, the body temperature regulation system is not perfect, the baby also does not know what “cold” is a kind of feeling, let alone express what is feeling.

In this case, the baby’s reaction to the cold is not crying, but listlessness, pale skin, and want to sleep, and at this time just can’t let the baby sleep, to be fully warm before going to sleep. So, family members need to observe carefully.

In fact, there is a simple way to determine whether your newborn baby clothes are appropriate: let your baby freely move for 10 minutes. If the child’s underwear has been wet, that means to the baby to wear too much, should gradually reduce the clothes; if the child’s complexion is not rosy after the activity, underwear is dry, then the clothes are too little, should add clothes.

Do not cover your baby’s face with the quilt.

In winter, infants should keep warm. From the perspective of traditional Chinese customs and traditional Chinese medicine, more attention should be paid to the warmth of baby’s belly button. Zhou Wei believes that in the cold winter, it is necessary to prepare heaters, heaters, etc. (especially when bathing and massage).If conditions permit, an air-conditioned environment is better.

Keep warm when bathing infants and toddlers. When the weather is cold, it can be arranged at noon when the room temperature is higher. The water temperature should be slightly warmer, and an electric heater should be opened next to the baby. Pay attention to the baby’s whole body. Thoroughly dry the skin after washing. Pay attention to a principle to ensure that the whole process of the baby does not catch cold.

Infants sleep relatively long hours, many parents like to sleep when the baby wrapped tightly. Although the weather is cold, but the baby’s quilt must not cover the face, because once blocked breathing, the baby is unable to open the quilt.

At the same time, infants should pay attention to the sleep posture, the head should be slightly to the side, and the baby will inevitably vomit milk, if the front is easy to occur during vomiting suffocation, which is very dangerous.

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