How to keep your baby warm in winter

Make sure newborn baby bottoms are cotton.

Some baby product experts give some Suggestions:

Above all, close – fitting underwear must be 100% cotton. When choosing newborn bottoms, it should be permeability-good, because the fabric of a few jackets uses nylon or high density raw material which has poor permeability.

If there is heating or air conditioning in the room, the room temperature can be maintained at about 25℃, as long as the baby wears a thin cotton clothes, and wearing a thin and soft cotton shirt do not need to add a sweater; If you are in the south, there is no heating equipment at home and the room temperature is relatively low, you can add a cotton vest or wool vest to your baby which can protect the front and back of your baby from the cold wind, and facilitate baby’s activities.

Don’t overdress for outdoor activities.

Go out and choose clothes that are easy to take off.

Outdoors, babies who wear too much can get in the way of exercise and are bloated. Choose clothes to help the baby’s growth and development, not too small too tight, not too long too wide, so it is not conducive to the baby’s flexible movement. When going out, you should choose clothes that are easy for your baby to take off. Because many public places now have heating, if you go in and out of these places do not strip and dress, the baby is easy to catch a cold. In not very cold weather, do not wear too thick, otherwise the baby will be restricted movement, resulting in irritability.

Wear pants for your baby should first pay attention to the top and pants separate, do not choose bottoms for newborn. Don’t wrap the baby’s waist too tightly.

After snow can be put on the baby shoes non-slip, wearing boots will make the baby feel uncomfortable baseboard, which can choose winter sports shoes, with a little heel, because the shock absorption at the same time can protect the brain. Choose shoes that are slightly looser, and wear a pair of cotton socks before you put them on. Make sure your scarf is of good wool quality, or it will irritate your skin and cause allergies. Do not choose easy to depilate wool yarn, which is easy to let the baby put the hairs into the trachea and lungs, causing respiratory diseases.

Children should be encouraged to exercise at ordinary times.

Your baby can take proper exercise on weekdays. In fact, as long as the baby does not have a fever, insist on walking is good. Because when going out for a walk can breathe fresh air, make the baby upper respiratory tract unblocked, more conducive to disease recovery. The best choice of winter walking after the sun coming out, please try to let the baby breathe with the nose, which can also wear a small mask with the mouth covered.

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