How to match enough fashionable baby clothes

Now the baby is the apple of parents’ eye. Children’s clothing on the market now has a wide variety of styles and colors, providing many choices for parents. When parents choose newborn clothes, they should first pay attention to the color of cute baby clothes, and then consider the style of newborn baby clothes. In the selection of children’s clothing, the comfort level of children’s clothing is also a very important factor. Accordingly, how to undertake children dress collocation appears very important. The following children’s clothing to join the network children’s encyclopedia for parents is to introduce some color matching and style matching skills.

  1. 1. Color matching of children’s clothes.

Parents in the choice of children’s clothing brands, most of the first attention to the color of children’s clothing. Also, the child is having primitive to the color sensitive with distinctive be fond of, so when buying children dress, you want to make a judgement from the form of the above all and color of skin, if the child is a color of skin darker. If the little girl’s skin color is brighter, such as wearing pink, yellow and red children’s clothes, people will appear lively and bright, even if wearing gray and black, people will appear comely and elegant, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling.

Pay attention to color and the color of skin of the child while suit, and notice the bodily form of the child and colorific collocation of children outfit. If a bigger child, it is necessary to choose cool or dark colors of children’s clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool colors or dark colors of children’s clothing, because it has a contraction effect, which can make up for the child’s physical defects; If the child is thin and weak, then you can give her some warm colors of children’s clothing, green, beige, coffee, etc., these colors of children’s clothing is outward expansion, and can give people a warm feeling.

  1. Children’s clothing style collocation.

Children’s clothing style should be loose and concise without too much decoration, but children’s clothing must have a pocket, which can be loaded on the handkerchief and children like that. The sleeves, pants, and hem of children’s clothing can be cut a little longer so that they can be worn down the next year. The sweater may have the size two sets, the big may wear outside when the smock, in the cold weather may add in the cotton-padded clothing. Children with fat bodies are not allowed to wear the following types of children’s clothing: suspenders, checkered pants, tight clothes, ultra-short styles and children’s clothing.

  1. Selection of cloth for children’s clothing.

Because children is lively and do not have the consciousness of protective dress, the cloth of children’s outfit is given priority to with firm, wearable, damage and not easily commonly, at the same time the comfortable degree. Because clothes are close to the skin, and children’s skin is generally sensitive, clothes and skin often produce friction, so the special requirements of the moisture absorption of cloth is good ventilation, and cotton fabric just meet such requirements, especially children wear sportswear, but also consider the requirements of sweat absorption and ventilation.

Master the above newborn clothes collocation and style collocation skills, I believe that parents can buy baby clothes suitable for their own baby to create a stylish and beautiful appearance.

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