How to wear baby clothes to keep warm

If the parents find that the child due to excessive heat cover suddenly high fever, sweating, screaming, convulsions, coma, breathing difficulties, it must be treated urgently. At this moment parents should pay more attention to newborn baby clothes.

Hypothermia and antifebrile is the basic measure of treatment. Parents should first remove the heat cover reason, evacuate the high temperature environment, let the child breathe fresh air as soon as possible, and send the child to the hospital as soon as possible. The child’s temperature is very high. Had better use law of physical drop in temperature, if wipe bath with ice mat, and do not use hair sweat medicine, lest perspire to aggravate overmuch collapse.

Prompt oxygen delivery is an essential means of treatment. Oxygen can increase blood oxygen partial pressure, blood oxygen saturation and blood oxygen content, improve the body hypoxia symptoms and breathing state. If there is cerebral edema, hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be

Fluid therapy is also an important measure of salvage therapy. Due to the large loss of water after high fever and sweating, dehydration and acidosis will be caused, so it is necessary to actively replenish water and correct acidosis. Intravenous fluids should be used to supplement glucose, saline and sodium bicarbonate.

In addition to the above treatment measures, anticonvulsants, such as diazepam and chloral hydrate, it should be used for children with convulsions. On the basis of comprehensive treatment, energy mixture and vitamin C and other drugs were given to promote the recovery of brain function. Attention should also be paid to strengthening systemic support therapy and ensuring the supply of nutrients.

Fever clutching syndrome is also known as “baby hypoxia syndrome” or “baby sultry syndrome”, is due to excessive warmth for too long cause infant hypoxia, high fever, sweating, dehydration, convulsion coma, and respiratory, circulatory failure of a common winter emergency, November every year to the next year in April for the peak of the onset. Infants under 1 year old, especially newborns, if do not pay attention to scientific care, the most susceptible to this disease.

The baby in winter clothing should follow the scientific, appropriate principles, parents should not be afraid of the baby cold and give it too much to wear, otherwise not only not good for the baby’s health, but also cause “sultry syndrome”, seriously harm to the baby, so winter newborn clothes are not the more the better.

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