How women choose healthy underwear?

How to choose women lingerie will be more suitable? Many people think that underwear is just a casual wear, anyway, others cannot see. But it’s actually destroying your health. According to the special physiological characteristics of women, experts suggest that women in the choice of underwear, the following three kinds of underwear may become a woman’s health killer.

  1. Tight underpants.

A lot of people always like to wear small low-waist underwear. But too tight underpants is actually very bad for the body, because tight small underwear will be more likely to have frequent friction with the vulva, anus, urethra, and constantly will this area of bacteria into the vagina or urethra, causing urinary system or reproductive system infection.

  • Dark underwear.

Now it is generally believed that wearing dark underwear will be a little sexy, so you buy more dark underwear. But dark underwear is not conducive to the detection of disease. Because contract vaginitis, the woman of disease of department of gynaecology such as reproductive system tumor, leucorrhea can become muddy and are the signal of the disease. If these phenomena can be detected at an early stage and treated as soon as possible, better curative effect can be achieved. If you wear dark or patterned underpants that are too flowery, the lesion of the leucorrhea cannot be found in time, it may delay the disease.

  • Model Tpants.

T-pants are the new favorite of fashionable woman absolutely. Wearing them under a close-fitting skirt can make the underpants look less obvious, so many women have to wear a few t-shaped pants. But one of the really bad things about the pants is that they rub against the skin because they only have one rope. And attrition can cause local skin hyperaemia, red swollen, damaged, ulcer, infection, and have a few t-word pants to have close-fitting effect more, also make by the chemical fiber material with poor permeability, which will cause skin allergy easily.

Sum up the rules of underwear selection!

Girls should choose cotton material, ventilated and sanitary women’s intimates. Close-fitting women lingerie had better be washed by hand, or alone, and try not to wash with pants, socks. Organic meeting wants more underwear to take out bask in the sun, with ultraviolet ray disinfection.

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