In kindergarten, baby cannot wear 5 kinds of clothes

A mother who loves beauty will not only dress herself up, but also dress up her baby in a very provocative way, never missing a chance to go out. This is not for the baby in kindergarten, and in order to let the baby become the kindergarten most attractive, mommies are expend so many thoughts.

However, some clothes, although good-looking, are not suitable for the baby this age group to wear, or it will not only affect the growth and development of the baby and limit the baby’s activities. So when going to school, the following 5 kinds of clothes, mommy should pay attention to it!

1: suspenders or skirt.

Suspender pants, suspender skirt is show MOE sheet is tasted simply! Babies in suspenders and dresses are adorable. But it’s a little complicated, especially in kindergarten when you need a teacher to help you go to the bathroom. However, the teacher cannot be dedicated to a single tube of a child, so in order to reduce the trouble and go to kindergarten or do not wear such clothes.

2. Tight pants.

Leggings can make baby’s legs look smaller and make the whole look more stylish. But, tight pants tight stick to the body, and elasticity is not, the baby in the kindergarten to play when they cannot open. What’s more, wearing tight pants for a long time will also affect the blood circulation, which is very bad for the growing baby! So, no matter how good the tights look, don’t give them to babies.

3. Shorts and skirts.

Isn’t summer the season to wear shorts and skirts? Why not? A lot of moms have that question. Although shorts and short skirts are cool and nice to wear, there will be time for outdoor activities in the kindergarten in summer. When the baby’s skin is accidentally broken and scraped, the exposed skin will be infected with bacteria, causing infection problems. It also creates opportunities for mosquitoes to bite the baby. So, don’t wear shorts or skirts to kindergarten.

4. Gown.

Dressing like a little princess, is a lot of little girls want clothes. However, because the skirt is too long, it is very inconvenient for the baby to play in it, and it is easy for the baby to step on the hem when sitting down, resulting in tripping when standing up. Also, it’s easy to fall on baby’s skirt when walking .So, under the circumstance that there is no mom to look after, babies does not wear skirt.

5. Sequined, beaded clothes.

Sequins and beads are dazzling, and while they may dazzle, they can easily be swallowed by a baby. Also, sequins can be harsh in the sun, so don’t buy them for your baby.

Above a few kinds of cute baby clothes, again good-looking, also do not give newborn clothes on the kindergarten to wear, especially when the parents are not around. In order to let the baby grow up healthily, take it seriously and quickly!

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