Is It Good for Baby to Wear Old Clothes?

Will you give your baby used clothes ? Some people think it is a good idea to make full use of clothes. Furthermore, it can save money for little baby always grows quite fast. Continuous shopping will cost a lot. While others hold different attitudes towards this issue. They consider that wearing old clothes of others will affect their self-esteem greatly. Popreal think everything will have its advantages and disadvantages, we should take a holistic view of the problem.Daisy Print Denim Suspender Skirt

Let’s see the following interviews for different baby mothers:

Lily: Once I got a pack of old clothes from my colleagues, and I thought it is advisable to let baby wear used clothes, for some of the clothes are almost new. And wearing old clothes is not because of the lack of money, I think making full use of old clothes can make one happy and satisfied. However, my husband didn’t agree with me. He was very angry when I took the old clothes to our house. He thought it greatly affected his self-esteem.

Alisa: If others send me some old clothes, I will be very happy. You can save a lot of money to buy clothes for baby, and the clothes that the baby passes through are washed many times, the chemical dyes are washed away, and the skin damage to the baby is little. Floral Prints Fly Sleeve Backless Dress With Hairband

Caroline: I won’t allow my children to wear other people’s old clothes. I’d rather spend more money to buy new clothes for my baby. New clothes are more safe and comfortable than old ones.

In fact, Popreal thinks that it is not bad for the baby to wear some clean old clothes. Of course, if you can’t accept it and think that wearing old clothes is humble, just don’t let the baby wear old clothes.

If you let your baby wear old clothes, these points must be considered

1, The baby is young and fast, and spends a lot of money on buying clothes every year. From an economic point of view, wearing the old clothes of others will save the family a lot of money. Especially for some families with high economic pressure, if you can get some suitable baby’s old clothes, it is a good idea.

2, Although choosing old newborn baby clothes can save a lot of money, not all old clothes are suitable for the baby to wear. Some clean jackets and pants are suitable to wear. However, in order to avoid cross-contamination of some diseases such as skin diseases, baby underclothes should be new and safe.

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