Is it true that it is better for moms to put more clothes on your baby in winter?

It is getting cold, and all parents want to put extra toddler clothes on their babies, which is not always that good. “Actually, coldness is not scary and adaptation is a human nature. Being freezing and keeping warm are not completely ambiguous in medical science, but a specific personalized requirement for people with different physical conditions, ages and physical conditions. Being freezing is not acceptable for everyone, and correspondingly, being warm may also not be good for everyone. Excessive warmth can actually lower the body’s immunity, leaving people in a state of “greenhouse flowers” that are vulnerable and susceptible to disease. According to Zhang Shijun, professor of First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yet-Sen University, the fact that thin cute toddler outfits are useful to keep warm is also a way of keeping health. However, how to avoid getting a cold while practicing enduring coldness is truly a skill.

Excessive warmth can actually lower the body’s immunity, leaving people in a state of “greenhouse flowers” that are vulnerable and susceptible to disease. Plaid Crewneck Thickened Sweater

The fact that thin clothing is useful to keep warm is also a way of keeping health. Those who are warm naturally and children are suitable to endure coldness appropriately, but it should also be paid attention that does not suffer from catching a cold.

Day by day, the coldest day in winter is coming. During the Asian games, it was warm and sunny in Yang Cheng for a while, but it began to cool down gradually in these two days.

Keep warm — this is a four-word maxim that western medicine, especially doctors of cardiology, emergency, paediatrics and respiratory. However, some experts suggest that for people who are warm naturally, or the elderly who do not have cardiovascular problems, as well as teenagers, are beneficial to be freezing a little bit in winter and can actually help strengthen immunity.

Wearing less for babies is better than wearing more. Irregular Pattern Thickened Sweater

“Let alone in winter, in spring and autumn, it also can be seen that a lot of parents like to dress their children completely and they seem to wear more than their parents. It is because parents are scared that their babies will get a cold accidentally. “Personally, I think that instead of wearing more, you should consider wearing less,” said Zhang Shijun.

“Japanese children from a very early age began to try to wear shorts or skirts in autumn and winter, although we do not advocate showing the knees in cold weather. Nevertheless, there is still something that can be learned. Infants get out of the mother and gradually adapt to the outside world as well as regulate his body temperature. If he has excessive warmth when he was very young, in the future, he will be more delicate and more likely to suffer from coldness.” Zhang Shijun said.

He told reporters that teenagers are at the peak of their growth and their body is metabolizing faster than adults, so the heat energy is very volatile, which is why children get sweaty after activities. If you wear too many clothes, you will sweat constantly but do not change clothes in time, the body fluids will be overused, and when it cools down, you may get sick.

“So for young children, parents need not to care too much. The light dress actually is a little better. Even if they have a cold occasionally, there is no need to be nervous. After all, the winter in Guang Zhou is not cold technically. If his body was get used to the cold air stimulation from the childhood, it will be very useful to get into a habit of fighting against the bitter cold in the future. Besides, it can also gradually improve the cold resistance of their skin and nasal mucosa, which will be good for future physical fitness. Zhang Shijun also warns, however, areas like the child’s head and his chest are much more easily upset and get internal heat because of dressing too much, but the child’s abdomen needs to keep warm. That is because many children have a weak spleen and stomach. When the stomach is stimulated directly by coldness, it might cause pain and interferes the function of the spleen and stomach. So, “keeping belly warm” still is important for the child in winter.

Parents should remember that the general principle of dressing up the child is being appropriately less. This not only is advantageous to the development of children’s mind and body, but also it is the most active and effective method that helps the child to resist coldness and disease. Just in spring and autumn, parents should be careful about adding toddler clothes for the child in time, according to the change of temperature. The point is to control the degree of it. Please do not think the child as vulnerable, which is harmful to child instead. Geometric Pattern Crewneck Sweater

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