It is dangerous for children to wear crocs too often

Although crocs are convenient and lovely, they are not good for children to wear for a long time, because there are many safety risks of crocs. Today we will learn about children shoes together.

First, the foot is easy to get stuck.

The sole of the crocs is very soft, if part of the crocs gets stuck in the gap, it is difficult to pull out the shoes, and children are very active jumping, if accidentally stuck in the elevator and other positions, the consequences are very dangerous, and friction will instantly increase the deformation of the whole shoe.

Second, chemicals increase the risk of disease.

Many plastic crocs contain carcinogenic substances, such as polyvinyl chloride, which is easy to decompose under high temperature and hydrogen chloride will strongly stimulate the human eye and respiratory mucosa caused by headache and other discomfort. About 200 types of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are known, and poor quality crocs can contain these carcinogenic compounds.

Third, easy to cause skin diseases.

Many crocs are not strictly factory testing, for its quality is not guaranteed, because the foot has been friction with the material of the shoe, which is likely to cause skin redness, etc. In addition, crocs are a good place to hide dirt, sweat, rain or mud is not easy to discharge, easy to cause eczema.

The fourth, it causes fingernail pathological change.

Because the design of crocs is toe all the time carrying a shoe, the toe of the child can feel tribulous ache, and the toe nail gets the pressure big go down to cause fingernail pathological change easily for a long time, the baby should wear the crocs less, and choose those breathable good, more comfortable sandal as far as possible.

Don’t wear crocs when it’s raining because the design of crocs is easy to accumulate water and the water in the puddle is dirty after raining and is easy to cause bacterial infection, so don’t let the babies wear crocs in rainy days.

The body of the crocs is loose and the toe is big, and the body movements of the younger children are not very flexible, and their mastering ability is not very good, so it is easy to fall down if they wear these shoes, and the children under five years old are in the flourishing period of bone development, so it will be very hard to wear baby shoes that are too loose.

Conclusion: crocs make baby’s feet unable to get the corresponding support, which hinders the development of baby’s limbs, and develop bad walking posture, which will have great interference to the overall external image of children.

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