It is important for pregnant women to choose their underwear for a happy pregnancy


When be pregnant,the hormone inside body change significantly, so the figure of the mother alsoproduced change subsequently. The most apparent change is bosom and abdomen. Bosomsbecome bigger and make pregnant mother looks more feminine.

Because of bosom and abdomen becoming bigger, the underwear size of pregnant mother also should make corresponding change, lest they can feel uncomfortable. At the same time, too tight underwear will squeeze abdomen and chest, which also can cause fetal insecurity, even can endanger the health of the fetus. So, when the mother chooses women lingerie, they should be serious.

Prenatal chest changes.

After pregnancy, hormones change in the body, causing breast increases gradually. After five months pregnancy, breast increase at least two sizes than the original bra. The distance between the nipples also widened. Until production, the breast is no longer increase but decrease. After production, in order to adapt to the secretion of milk, breast will increase again.

In the first 3 months of being pregnant, the body is in a sensitive period and the breast also produced tremendous change. So they need to take good care of a breast at this moment. They need to wear the bra that steel holds the breast and have good flexibility.

In the middle ofpregnancy, abdomen has been very apparent and its weight can stretch backbone.It needs a few special clipping bras at this moment. Generally, the bra which hassteel to hold up with the cup of complete cover commonly is better, which canhold up the weight of the breast better and reduce back relay. After 5 months,the breast grows very big. They can change bigger brassiere to be morecomfortable.

Prenatal abdominal changes.

With the growth of the fetus and uterine protective fat layer thickening, the volume of abdominal cavity is increased, so the belly of pregnant women is increased with the pregnancy, expanding around navel radiated, which increases the burden of the spines and lower limbs and is easy to produce low back pain and ankle swelling. Until the production, the abdomen will be bigger and heavier, which can reach more than 9 kilograms.

Experts recommend.

During pregnancy, it is important to the choice of underwear. In the early and middle period, the stomach is not particularly big. Mom can choose the cotton resilient elastic underwear and do not buy too loose or too tight underpants, which will let the mother and baby don’t feel well. It is good to buy the right underwear. By the time the stomach becomes again big, mom can change when feel uncomfortable. They must choose breathable underwear, which feels dry.

When lochia is discharged after production, underwear should be changed frequently to maintain good personal hygiene. Wearing cotton underwear will be more comfortable, and you should also keep warm.

Choosingappropriate women’s intimates,not only make them comfortable, but also can make baby comfortable. Ifbrassiere is too extruded, it also can cause the insufficient milk when feedingbaby in the future. So underwear choice is quite important, it also cannot be ignored.Mom changes her underwear quickly to comfortable type.

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