It’s dangerous for a baby to dress too fashionably

In commercialized society, sexy grown-up newborn clothes are everywhere, which can purchase these new clothes for children. Small body with a smaller version of the adult style of dress, high heels, a pair of “baby boom” image out of the street not only won attention of the passers-by, but these sexy newborn baby clothes for children have brought a series of psychological and security issues.

What harm does baby dress collocation have too tide? So let’s see.

One, super cool sunglasses grow amblyopia.

Some parents often put on sunglasses for the baby, in addition to block the summer strong sun, also cool phase is full, and it can be said to kill two birds with one stone. In fact, the baby often wears sunglasses, which is very easy to cause the consequences of the baby amblyopia, affecting the development of vision.

Dark light will make the pupil dilation, although the sunglasses can protect the baby’s eyes, help block ultraviolet light and strong light, but if the light indoors is not strong, it can actually make more ultraviolet light into the eye damage.

Two, sexy high heel makes abnormal small feet.

Now on the market a lot of baby shoes is a concentrated version of the adult sexy high-heeled sandals, such as “tassel shoe”, “Roman shoes” and “fish mouth shoes”, but the damage is often ignored by the tides dad mom and baby are in growth period. Wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time is easy to cause the body forward, and very prone to the phenomenon of sprain, depriving the baby lively nature. Therefore, parents let the baby wear shoes belonged to their ages, tide, or wait for the baby to grow up.

Three, the fashion tight clothing restrains baby body freedom.

In recent years, parent-child outfit is popular. After all, it is not designed for baby clothing in order to meet adult’s wearing preferences, and majority is tight clothes, which is easy constrained body, hampering the free activity of the baby. And tights are mostly some acrylic, polyester fabric, not only the cooling absorb sweat, but also affects the male baby’s testicles, causing urethritis and vaginitis.

Four, “skinhead baby plan” is easy to cause inflammation.

In summer, a lot of mothers shave the hair of baby completely, killing two birds with one stone. Actually summer sun is strong, shaving their heads will let the baby tender skin exposed to the sun, increasing the chance of bacteria invasion, easily damaged hair follicle, causing inflammation, and less hair protect babies after the sweat evaporates, sweating in salt can let the baby moved itching, even growing prickly heat or eczema, and bald head does not let the baby to achieve the purpose of “heat”.

So in summer, mom had better still leave a board buzz cut of 0.5 centimeters to the baby is optimal choice.

In addition, the famous child sexual precocity expert professor said, the child contacts the adult’s environment early, which is easy to induce the sexual precocity. He also pointed out that many children’s programs are now adulterated with more and more adult language, and children like to watch the Japanese anime characters dressing very exposed, so these environmental stimulations will promote children sexual precocity. According to domestic relevant investigation, sexual precocity comes from environmental stimulation 95% above, among them the pollution effect of language, culture environment is the most nots allow to ignore. A study published by the American psychological association also showed that girls who reach sexual maturity too early are more likely to have problems with self-evaluation, depression and eating disorders. Although precocious puberty does not necessarily affect children’s development and height, about 10% to 15% of precocious puberty will result in short stature of children.

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