It’s important to pay attention when your baby is wearing open-seat pants

We often see a lot of babies wearing open-seat pants because it’s hot. Their grandparents or parents think it’s really a good idea because the baby is comfortable and it ca also avoid getting wet. But in fact, open-seat pants are very harmful for the baby and parents must know it. Newborn baby bottoms need more attention.

  1. What are some of the risks when a baby wears open-seat pants?Cartoon Bear Pattern Elastic Waist Pants
  • If wearing open-seat pants in the outdoor, the baby is easy to get hurt.

It’s well known that open trousers allow the baby’s private part and little butt to contact directly with the outside world. But when 1-year-old baby likes to move around, crawl or play with his peers, there is a high probability of touching or rubbing his private part. The baby is more likely to get hurt if he wears open-seat pants when playing outside.

There’s a lot of hidden danger out there, even if you’re walking around the neighborhood. When it is hot, many adults and their babies go to the shade to cool off. But please don’t forget that while you’re feeling cool here, there’s a lot of potential of mosquito bites.

The mosquito shrewdly bites the exposed skin of the baby, and the naked private part in open-seat pants becomes the subject of them. After getting bite, there is a certain possibility of insect biting dermatitis. If the baby scratches them with his hands, the nail will not only scratch the skin, but also cause allergy.

  • It is unhygienic.

In public, babies are exposed to a lot of filth and bacteria as they crawl around. At the same time, the baby’s urethral orifice and anus will also be infected by the bacteria virus, causing urethritis, cystitis, severe nephritis and sepsis. Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Trousers

So it’s best not to wear open-seat pants when your baby is out. But in the most time, parents are eager to make it easy for their baby to put on open-seat pants and relieve themselves. At this time, they should pay more attention to m the baby’s physical response in case there is a problem in time to deal with.

  • Open-seat pants can easily arouse the baby’s interest in their private parts.

Open-seat pants can easily arouse the baby’s interest in their private parts, because it is easy to reach and the baby will be interested in it, and then “explore”. Once the long-term habit is formed, it will affect the baby’s mental and physical development. Therefore, we should guide and stop the baby’s “exploration”.

  1. It’s better not to wear open-seat pants.

When male babies grow up, he will have a great interest in his private part. For parents, they had better distract them instead restrain them all the time.

For example, let the child play with some toys. Do not criticize him as soon as he does such thing or he will be more impressed by the behavior. At this time, parents should let the child put on pants but not open-seat pants so that the baby can forget it.

  • How to take care of a baby who needs to wear open-seat pants?

Usually, the baby who is under 1 year old needs diapers. When the baby turns one year old, it’s time to wear full-crotch pants. If you want to give your baby open-seat pants, please pay attention to hygiene. If you need to go outside, it’s best to put diapers on the baby’s butt first, and then open-seat pants.

Newborn bottoms like the buttoned-up crotch is also very convenient and provides protection for the baby.

Please clean the baby’s butt every day, especially after defecating. Otherwise, the urine left in the urethral orifice and the feces of the anus may be re-introduced into the body, and may cause diseases of respiratory tract and digestive tract.

Parents should pay more attention to the baby’s private part after the baby is in open-seat pants, and treat the baby immediately if something goes wrong. Cotton Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Pants

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