Key points of baby underwear selection and washing-Part 2

Two, how to choose baby underwear?

1Steps for baby underwear selection. 

1) Touch: whether the cloth is soft, especially under the armpit, wrist, etc., and the tightness of cuff and waistband is comfortable.

2) See: especially white, even white newborn bottoms often contain fluorescein (a bleaching effect of chemical substances), although it seems that the clothes whiter, but harmful to the baby’s skin, therefore, mom cannot blindly think “white” is good.

3) Smell: if it smells unpleasant, it is likely to have residual formaldehyde or other chemical additives.

4) Think: baby underwear is small, but with a lot of species, long, short, robe-like, frog-shaped, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, so the choice should take into account the different effects of each.

2. Pay attention to small underwear accessories safety.

1) Seam edge: coarse seam edge is easy to stimulate baby skin, and the place such as armpit and wrist might as well when the choice is put beside his cheek feel. Some brands have made it safer to turn all the seams inside out.

2) Buttons and fastening: it is better to use fastening type for baby underwear, which is both safe and can “closely match” the baby’s body shape. Please check the firmness when you choose it, or re-nail it after you buy it.

There is also to see whether the safety, wear off convenient, and do not hinder action so as not to damage the baby’s skin or be taken by mistake. The sleeve of the dress, pant leg should wide, make limb has enough mobile leeway, and facilitate wearing, or otherwise it will affect the movement of the chest or cause chest deformity.

3. Experts give fashion mothers warnings.:

1) Baby should not wear bright color underwear, and high lead content,

Parents always want their children to be well dressed and lively, but only if they are healthy and comfortable. Experts pointed out that brightly colored clothes often contain a high amount of lead, because a lot of dyeing materials are added. Infants and young children wear colorful underwear for a long time, and can be absorbed through the skin, which is easy to cause lead poisoning in children. Lead poisoning can affect a baby’s gastrointestinal and dental development, cause abdominal pain, and even affect a child’s intellectual development. Also, watch out for formaldehyde in your clothing! Formaldehyde mainly comes from all kinds of textile printing and dyeing AIDS. After children absorb formaldehyde, they will not only affect the liver, but also suffer from anorexia and other symptoms, resulting in stunted development.

Experts remind: when choosing child underwear, parents must not covet dress color is bright-colored, the light color dress of white of choose and buy or color of skin of the press close to is optimal.

2) Clothes also have a PH.

The expert expresses: the clothes has pH value, especially the clothes of chemical fiber fabrics should pay special attention to its pH value because the human epidermis has a certain degree of weak acid, which can protect the skin and prevent bacterial invasion. o underwear also had better choose PH value and PH of human body skin to compare close, if PH value is on the high side, it will cause child skin SAO easily urticant. Generally speaking, the pH value of knitted underwear tends to be on the high side.

4. Small tips.

1) Thick thermal underwear must be soft. If rib cloth is a bit thick knitting interlock wool cloth, it is double layer has the knitting fabrics of flexibility, and the characteristic is to have admirable retractility, heat preservation, permeability and better feel.

2) The baby’s small stomach is vulnerable to wind chill, and underwear with overlapping abdomen design can ensure that the baby won’t catch cold.

3) Pay attention to the hem when choosing warm clothes. Coarse seam edge is easy to stimulate baby skin, especially the place such as armpit, wrist, might as well when the choice is put beside oneself cheek feel. Some brands are safer with all the seams turned out.

 4) Baby thermal underwear had better use knot type, which can “cooperate closely” the figure of the baby again, when choosing, moms want to check firm degree, in order to make sure button, belt falls off not easily and avoid the happening of accident such as the baby eats by accident by accident thereby.

5) The sleeves and pant legs of bottoms for newborn should be wide, so that the limbs have enough room for movement, and easy to wear and change. Baby’s chest and abdomen do not restrain too tight, otherwise it will affect the movement of the chest or cause chest deformity.

6) Babies under 1 year old can choose the belly protection robe. The design of the arc width of the shoulders can increase the warmth, and the adjustable belly circumference can be adjusted as the baby grows. Adjustable height, double – layer design, double warmth.

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