Knowledge of children underwear fabric

Grams are generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. Weight of toddler bottoms is between in commonly 160 grams to 220 grams, if it is too thin, which can be very thorough, but if it is too thick, which can be sultry.

What are counts?

Definition: the number of yards and lengths of cotton yarn of one pound weight.

Coarse count yarns: pure cotton yarns of 18 or less, which is mainly used for weaving thick or terry cotton fabrics.

Medium count: pure cotton yarn of 19-29 counts, which is mainly used for general requirements of knitted clothing.

Fine count: 30-60 count cotton yarn, which is mainly used for high-grade cotton knitwear. The higher the number is and the softer the counts are, which is between generally 32 and 40.

What is combing?

Underwear cotton yarn can be divided into general comb, and combed yarn.

Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, which is also known as uncombed yarn.

Combing yarn: yarn produced by adding a combing process to the general combing yarn when spun from fine cotton fiber and the surface of the fabric is clean and feels soft.

What does underwear printing have craft?

T-shirt printing is basically divided into screen printing, and transfer printing.

Screen printing: relatively complex technology, the main design, film, printing, drying a few steps. Screen printing is the advantages of high color fastness, durability, washing resistance. Screen printing plate costs more, so the need for mass production to reduce costs, which cannot meet a single or very small batch of printing.

Offset transfer printing: also known as hot stamping. Advantage is bright color, simple technology.

What is singeing?

The characteristic of singeing treatment is to remove the villus formed on the yarn surface by unwound fiber and raised fiber, so that the fabric is more bright and clean, beautiful, and the fabric color is even and can print clear and fine patterns.

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